A Rare Appearance By The Bitcoin Jet

Some people active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency for quite some time now, might remember the Bitcoin Jet. This airplane is themed with Bitcoin decals all over, and although it has made a limited number of appearances so far, the Bitcoin Jet was part of the March Air Force Base Air Show yesterday.

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The Bitcoin Jet Flies Again

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Jet Promote Digital Currency

Although there is much discussion as to whether or not a Bitcoin Jet is an excellent way to spread the word on digital currency, in general, it is quite a unique project, to say the least, After all, it doesn’t happen every day one can see a proper jet themed with Bitcoin logos all over the sides and wings, and special appearances by this machine should be cherished.

Attendees of the March Air Force Base Air Show had a chance to see the Bitcoin Jet in all of its glory yesterday, as it made one of its rare appearances. As stunning as this plane is to see, it is not on the radar enough to make a lasting impact on people’s minds these days. But it does set an interesting precedent for sure.

Taking Bitcoin to the moon might be a bridge too far for the time being – although Sir Richard Branson might have a say in that matter over the coming years – the concept of an airplane flying around with Bitcoin logos is quite impressive. It is very doubtful major airlines will adopt a similar strategy in the coming years, though.

Promoting Bitcoin to a mainstream global audience has proven to be far more complicated than most people had anticipated. For every bit of positive attention the digital currency space gets, there will be a handful of negative articles in the press. It is an uphill battle to say the last, and that trend will continue over the coming years.

But on the upside, initiatives like the Bitcoin Jet just go to show how people invested in digital currency can think outside of the box to promote what they believe in. It is impossible to predict what will be coming next, but it is also impossible to try and ignore Bitcoin, as the name seems to come up everywhere people look these days.

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