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As we reported on a few days ago, it is now possible to purchase a 3D printer from ISG3D by paying in Bitcoin. The article has received so much support from our readers and the general cryptocurrency community, and the ISG team is very thankful for your appreciation. ISG3D has decided to take things to the next level, by broadcasting a printception livestream!


For those of you who have never seen the movie Inception before, go out and watch, then come back to read this article. For everyone else who understands this reference, ISG3D is livestreaming their ISG 11 #d printer in action, while it’s printing out parts for a new… 3D printer. Watching a 3D printer 3D print another 3D printer, does that make it 9D?

The ISG3D team has also provided us with some more clarification in regards to their sale of the ISG 11 in exchange for Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments will not be subject to any additional taxes, meaning you will pay exactly US$899 for the ISG11. Furthermore, when orders over US$100 in value are eligible for free shipping, which also includes shipping for the 3D printer itself.

A lot of people have never bought a 3D printer before, and now that you can purchase one with Bitcoin, there are a lot of interested parties, which also bring a few interesting questions to the table. For example, considering this is a brand new model being produced by a relatively unknown company, people are wondering how hard it will be in order to print something properly.


The ISG3D has assured us that, after users have done the necessary calibrating, the installation itself is pretty straightforward when you considering the ISG 11 3D printer will be shipped fully assembled already. And if needed, ISG3D is offering an after-sales service to customers who still have questions.

Livestream :

Are you planning to purchase a 3D printer from ISG3D? Let us know in the comments below!

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