Is USI Tech Another Bitcoin MLM Scam?

We have seen multiple MLM schemes trying to capitalize on Bitcoin’s momentum. Most of these sites become scams sooner or later, although some projects are seemingly legitimate. That does not mean everyone will make money from using them, however. USI Tech combines automated trading with an MLM matrix and Bitcoin to appease investors.

Should You Trust USI Tech and Its Promises?

When it comes to making any investment — cryptocurrency or otherwise — one always needs to do their own research. No one can tell for sure if a particular scheme or website is legitimate or a scam. There are some exceptions to that rule, such as OneCoin, which is clearly a pure Ponzi Scheme waiting to collapse. Things are not as simple when it comes to USI Tech, since what they offer is both intriguing and disturbing. It is a bit difficult to make sense of what the company aims to provide exactly.

USI Tech claims its users can grow their existing Bitcoin balance by an average of 1% per day. This is not a fixed amount like most HYIP sites offer, yet it purports that anyone can make money with Bitcoin every single day. That is a bit of a strange statement. It is true Bitcoin provides many moneymaking opportunities, but 1% per day is still quite steep, even if it is an arbitrary average.

USI Tech’s BTC package costs €50 and offers customers maximum risk reduction based on long-term trading strategies. Users can expect returns of up to 100% per year. This trading is fully automated and is based on the company’s unique algorithms. USI Tech claims they can deal with extreme market fluctuations without allowing customers to suffer from high losses. It sounds a bit too good to be true.

USI Tech offers a lucrative affiliate program which offers up to 35% unilevel bonus to 12 levels. Recruiting friends, family, and other users will be one of the main requirements to successfully earn a profit through this company. The firm use a 3×12 MLM matrix to accomplish this goal, and there are 797,160 positions in this matrix. For any new member who joins, 25% of the investment is paid to the recruiter. The rest of the funds are split into twelve payments paid out through the 3×12 matrix.

Although the company claims anybody can join by investing €50, the “ultimate” package costs around €600. That is quite a steep investment for a program from which most people will not see a decent return. This does not make USI Tech a scam per se, but it certainly highlights the fact that people need to do a lot of research before putting their money into this particular company. The use of the Bitcoin name is clever, but it seems there is very little correlation to cryptocurrency other than for the automated trading aspect.

Perhaps the biggest concern here is that USI Tech has no effective retail products or services. Instead, it relies on proprietary automated trading which cannot be audited by paying members, and on an affiliate program in the form of an MLM matrix. Auto-trading never performs as people expect it to, though, which poses a significant risk to anyone investing in this company. USI Tech is not a scam by the look of things, but your return may certainly vary while using this program.

  • John McDonald

    The only way to make money on BTC etc is to by low and sell high. Been bitten one too many times to trust these people with my hard earned money.

    • I agree on buying high and selling low. Many Many people have been repeating that mantra since the beginning of time. The question no one has been able to answer is “How do you know when low is low and high is high? If Bitcoin is $2800, is it high or is it at its low? LOL! The moral of the story is that the best we can do is GUESS and sprinkle some charting and trending into the pot. Diversification is key, quite frankly. Because no matter how we cut it, cryptocurrency trading is a rather volatile, unpredictable and speculative endeavour.

      • mapartha

        In the “buy low sell high” strategy, one should first sell half the stake when its value doubles. That way, the initial investment capital is safe. Then keep the remaining and wait for it to go up for a period of 5-10 years.

        • I buy low. Then I see at a pre-determined price point at a profit. Then if and when the price goes down more, I buy at that time. Then wash, rinse, repeat!

      • Reseller7

        Today it’s at $10,775!!!! Many think it’ll go to $1,000,000!!! Up $800 today!!!

  • Aren’t ALL investing endeavours risky? And why can’t one make an average of 1% a day with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Arbitrage? Go look at the charts for the past year. Then go look at it for the past 6 months. Shucks! Look at the charts for the past 3 months. I am not advocating nor defending nor trashing USI-Tech but for Heaven’s sakes, what are you writing about? I took a look at their model since you insist upon sharing your ‘knowledge’. It is actually 1% a day for 5 days a week which means that you profit 40% in about 140 BUSINESS days. So that is over 6 months to earn a 40% profit. Shucks! My cryptocurrency portfolio crushes that! How about yours?

    • Andrew Byrne

      If you get 1% every business day, and there is 140 business days to consider, is that not 140% pure profit over the period. And you can revisit that 1% per day so that it also compounds ( a daily reinvest is only possible if you put a certain amount in but with $700 US initial investment you get to rebuy about every week). All this not to mention that the initial investment and the return is all in bitcoin and bitcoin is going up dramatically. I put money in in early June 2017. So, 60 working days so far. I bought in when Bitcoin was around $3300 US. if I count all fees going in and fees if I cashed out now (which I cannot, I am tied in for the 140 days) I have more than doubled my money. 120% pure pofit. Again, I have been investing for only 60 working days and have rebought at every occasion and reinvested at nearly every occasion.
      All this sounds too good to be true so I am thinking that maybe it is a scam but no one can seem to come up with the proof and USI-Tech is breaking into the US market (are there no regulator looking at this?). Note that I made this money (in theory so far) purely based on my investment; I did not bring in one single person into the mlm structure. Not One. yet and I am very much on the fence about doing such. If it is real, I should be bringing in all my friends and family… but I am very conservative… I do not mind too much loosing my own money. Anyway, just wanted to challenge your math. Is your cryptocurrency portfolio crushing this?

      • My premise was that it IS possible to make at least 1% a day. There are those who believe it is too crazy to be true since THEY can’t do it with traditional instruments. (well someone is doing it … just not the masses) . I don’t have to re-do my math because i did simply math without consideration for compounding. Let me clarify what I meant so you can understand what I wrote. I said my cryptocurrency crushes 1% a day and it does. So earning 1% a day in USI-tech isn’t as far-fetched as the author purports it to be. Quite frankly dear, there was nothing to challenge. It appears we are in agreement. I am aware of the compounding effect. I think the author was having his usual bad hair day and he couldn’t find anything worthy to cut his hair on.

        • minnow

          Where, in your ‘simple math’ does 140 x 1 = 40? I wouldn’t usually take umbrage, but your abrupt manner and obfuscation (the Trump method) is annoying.

          • okay. you put in 50euros.
            in 140 days, you will have made approx 70Euros since USI-Tech pays approx 1% DAILY for 140 BUSINESS DAYS!

            Your cash outlay = 50 Euros
            Profit = (50euros * 140%) – 50 Euros= 70 euros – 50 Euros = 20 Euros

            Or put another way …

            Profit / principal = 20//50 = 40%

            *** ONLY IF YOU DO NOT COMPOUND ***

            Keep your insults to yourself unless you are using the NEW MATH… I missed that class. Must have been for genuises only. I’d take annoying over pompous, holier than thou and stupid.

            Note to Stupid: USI-Tech daily pay INCLUDES the Principal or Initial Cash Outlay. They are NOT giving you 240%!

            Finally you asked “is your cryptocurrency portfolio crushing this?” Well of course! That was my point! 40% profit in 140 days is ridiculously LOW. But somehow you got twisted and believe you are profiting 140% in 140 days in USI-Tech. Boy oh Boy oh Boy!

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            how ridiculous are you all? The first 100 days you are getting your own money back! 1% x100=100%. then and only then will you start making 1% a day. Then only for 40 days.ITS SO STUPID! You are lending them money for free for 100 days! If btc goes down, there;s no money to pay you

          • Didn’t i just write that. 140% in 140 days (if your don’t compound0. That is 100% is the principal and 40% is the profit. Didn’t I just say that. Dude, stop with the name calling. “how ridiculous are you all”. WE ALL aren’t in USI-Tech.

            Now back to reality. Here is what MOST people are doing. They are compounding ‘DUDE’! So they put in 50euros or 5000 euros or even 100000 euros. People are throwing big money in this thing. So pay attention. I will do this example using FIAT rather than BTC so it can be easy for you to grasp.

            They put in 10000 euros. The first day let us assume they earn 1%. That is 100euros. MOST are NOT drawing it out! They are reinvesting it. So now they have 10100euros earning. Follow me on this. Then the next day, assume, they earn 1%. So they get 1% of 10100. That is 10201 earning approx 1% a day. Now go get a compounding calculator. Put in 10000 for 140 days with 100% reinvest and tell me what you get. Hold on! I’ll tell you the answer.

            10,000.00 euros investment starting on 10/13/2017 for 140 Days at 1.0% interest paid per day calculated every day and compounded with 100% of their profit being reinvested and 0% withdrawn thus resulting in an accumulated profit total of 30,270.98 Euros

            So dear, ITS NOT SO STUPID. LOL! And they are NOT just lending USI-Tech money for NO interest. Silly wabbit.

            But That’s huge and I wonder how long the company can sustain such astronomical returns.

            Not everyone is as much of a risk taker so let us assume they reinvest only 50% of interest earned daily and withdraw 50% daily

            10,000 Euros investment starting on 10/13/2017 for 140 Days at 1% interest paid per day calculated every day and compounded with 50% of their profit being reinvested daily and 50% withdrawn daily thus resulting in an accumulated profit total of $20,204.90.

            Number of Days To Break Even: 82
            Break Even Date (Returned Profit Equal To Their Deposit): 01/03/2018

            As you were, sir!

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            Ty, but I beg to differ. It’s not compounding. It’s starting a new 140 day cycle, am I correct? After 100 days, you withdraw 100c on the dollar you put in and then there’s nothing left, so you made zero. Am I correct?

          • No

          • Okay Lawrence. Have a nice day!

          • Stephen

            you give them 100 pounds after 140 days they give you back 140 pounds whats so hard about that.

          • fuck u

            and if bitcoin goes up to 140 thousand dollars which btw one stock called berkshire …fuckaway … warren fuckboy buffet…. actually keeps his stock at that price so nobody can step on his game… do you understand that the potential of bitcoin is indeed limitless… every single person wishes they got in on it… lol everybody that doesnt get in on it… most likely will be left behind to receive help from helpful people to help them get in.. no matter what petrodollar and all their fake little money centralized schemes will be coming to an end… fuck the world bank fuck the IMS fuck the federal reserve… they will lose because of the rise of cryptocurrency

          • Gary

            And fools by the high. Good luck with BC. Don’t be greedy and maybe you will make a buck or 2.

          • Reseller7

            You always have the BTC you put in to USI. You earn on that BTC. At day 140 you’ve received an additional 40% over what that 1 package cost you in BTC. EX: Day cost .0057 BTC. Each day NO REBUY you earn .00005 BTC. approx. per day. On day 140 your account has grown to .0080 BTC. No matter if BTC is now worth $1,000,000.00 Your BTC is now at $8,000 from that initial purchase.

            Compounding daily the total at end date .0157 BTC.

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            What do you get after 100 days? Lets say i want my money back, for whatever reason. Under your description, I should get my money + approx 32%(100/140=.7). Can I do that? Can anyone?

          • Stephen

            In 100 days you would get 40 pounds back at 0.88% That’s what I got today but my package will not expire till I get my capital back and the 40% interest back on there mining and trading

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            So you don’t start getting the 1% interest until day 100? The first 100 days you are getting nothing if I withdraw it all? So, they are getting an interest free loan from me for the first 100 days? I assume that gives them time to find other investors to then pay me my 40% after that? What if they don’t get investors, it blows up? WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING 1% A DAY FROM DAY ONE AND WITHDRAW WHEN YOU WANT? THINK ABOUT THAT! Their trading system does not make money in that case and they are buying time with your money…Can you answer why the first 100 days the trading doesn’t make money and why you can’t withdraw it all at 1% a day?

          • han_man

            Not exactly. You are giving them all your money day 1 and they give it back to you at around 1%/day starting day 1, for around 140 days. So by day 100 you get your principle back. By day 140, you made 40%.

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            but by day 100, you made nothing and they just gave you your own money back. If they actually have a trading system making money, why have a structure that gives them 100 days if your money for free? I would think because there are no trading profits and they just have figured out a way to put off paying you while they get other money in to pay you. If they were making money, you’d be getting 1% a day+ your money from day one. Smells fishy as I’ve never seen anything like this, where they mask the 40% profit being made the last 40 days(weird!!) and say 1% a day, which is a lie. Watch what you get back, god forbid, when BTC drops!!!

          • Reseller7

            No money given only BTC’s.

          • Stephen

            Your basing it on the assumption they are fiddling you I believe they are trading and Mining my 50 euros package at 1% a DAY witch works out at .50 euros a day taking them 140 days working with my money to earn me a profit The reason the first 100 days you are not making anything is because they are trading at 1% nothing else.

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            I don’t understand your last sentence saying you don’t make anything for a hundred days because they are trading at 1% nothing else? What you said above that is true, and is what ive been saying! you give them your money and they give you back your money at 1% a day, so day 100 all you have is your OWN MONEY back! Think about that for a minute. all of a sudden like magic after a hundred days they start making money where they can pay you back1%, but not before. If they were actually making money you would be able to take your money out any time along with the profit. The only reason for the 100 day before you make money is it gives them time to find other investors to do the same thing with and use that money to pay you and then somebody else’s money to pay them, and so on, and they have a 100 day window to find investors so that give them a lot of leeway…UNLESS THEY SHOW TRADING PROFITS, ( AND WHY WOULDN’T THEY IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRADING??], THEN IT’S WHAT I SAY ABOVE. A PONZI.

            Have you ever seen a hedge fund or money manager raise money based on past performance without showing past performance? If it wasn’t Bitcoin and if it wasn’t the cryptocurrency would you ever invest your money with the money manager guaranteeing a certain return without seeing the past performance? The answer is no but everyone is blinded by Bitcoin and that’s where the scams focus when there’s Mania

          • Stephen

            The owners show there faces, invite people round to there house. There going to sell ATM machines with there logo on.That sell Bitcoins Have a ICO witch they are selling. Selling a Forex trading robot witch works on the Forex market witch is showing the trading. Have 1% mining pool on Blockchain later on in the year.Have created a Hydrogen generator witch will allow them to mine bitcoin without the electricity bill. And you are calling them a PONZI i think you should re evaluate USI TECH.

          • Reseller7

            Yes, it’s about no money, payouts of RETURN ON CAPITAL assets!!!

            >>A capital asset is defined to include property of any kind held by an assessee, whether connected with their business or profession or not connected with their business or profession. It includes all kinds of property, movable or immovable, tangible or intangible, fixed or circulating.<<

            Bitcoins are PROPERTY not money or currency according to the IRS.

          • Reseller7

            No Ponzi because there is NO MONEY INVOLVED!!! USI ONLY accepts the capital asset which is Bitcoins. The IRS considers Bitcoins as property not money or a currency. Think of a program like USI using Cheerio’s a capital asset.

            USI returns on a daily basis a payout ROC (return of capital) of approx .75 – 1.25% of those capital assets they hold. We benefit from BTC growth, average 1% daily & sales of packages to customers and team members 12 levels deep.

            Now factor in a small team that is selling on 200 packs daily. Lets say you’re earning avg 3%. 200 sold and rebuys x $60 = $1200 x 3% = $360. You now can purchase approx 6 more packages!!! Over 30 days that could add up to an additional say 150 more packages!!! That will be added to your total and now compounding also!!! 🙂

          • Christine Lewis

            You are not understanding it correctly. You MAY withdraw, anytime your account has a min. of (forgot the # in btc) what amounts to ~ $75 usd. However, if you want to keep compounding and wait for greater payouts, you leave it in longer 🙂

          • Tim Bentley

            You can let your 1% sit there and pull it out whenever you want ,yes.

          • Reseller7

            You must wait 140 days to get the initial purchase back. You earn daily that can be withdrawn.

          • Christine Lewis

            That’s not exactly right due to compounding 😉

          • Tim Bentley

            That math is all wrong. You don’t get 140% of your initial 50 Euros. You get 1% a day 5 days a week of the value of Bitcoin. So, you buy a BTC pack for 50 Euros and Bitcoin is say at $5000 when you make that purchase. Every week day for 140 days you earn roughly 1% of the value of your BTC pack based on the current value of Bitcoin. So 3 months later while you are in the middle of your 140 days, let’s say bitcoin is now $10,000 your 1% is worth twice as much as it was 3 months ago when Bitcoin was at 5K. Your 1% is based on the value of Bitcoin. I hope that helps.

          • Reseller7

            NO!!! You are earning on the initial investments (50 Euro, $60) which could be daily, additional purchases. However, the value of your account is based on BTC because you still that amount of BTC in your account.

          • Reseller7

            NO! Your initial contract is for a full 140 days plus or minus a few days. You can take money daily as mentioned.

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            You just did it again by saying and Computing that you’re making 1% the day from day one and compounding that 1% which is absolutely not true. You are not making 1% today as we went over so go over your math again and stop using 1% today as profit to be compounded as it’s just your money coming back… under your scenario after 100 days I would be at 100% which I am not since now I am just even so what am I compounding? The only 1% the day starts after hundred days for the next 40 and then your capped. Your games are capped at 40% while your losses could be 100% am I correct? Review your numbers as you keep using 1% from day one as Prophet the compound and we know that’s not the case unless your compounding your own money fictitious Lee

          • Lawrence Friedlander

            I guess the answer to my question will clear it up for me. After 100 days of me boo drawing 1% add a profit what is left in my account

          • You need a math class. MOST PEOPLE ARE COMPOUNDING! They earn 1% from DAY 1. Go get a compounding calculator and do the math. You have far exceeded your 100% on day 100, dear. I didn’t say you would be at 100% after 100 days. That is WRONG! Compounding is the 9th world’s wonder. lol I’ll leave it to you. Go ask somebody! Good day, Lawrence

          • Christine Lewis

            I know this is an old post, but i’m glad you hung in there and tried to explain, lol. Any adult who has a mortgage should understand the power of compounding 🙂 You buy a house for $250K and at the end of the mortgage, you have actually paid about $600K, lol. I am in USI Tech. The returns are a lot more than 1%/ day compounded if you keep putting your money back in to “rebuy”. However, if one wants, they can withdraw any time the amount is over 10Eu. I also swing trade BTC and alts, but really like the fact USI is on autopilot. I already told the author he might want to take another look and do a new review. Recent upgrades have made the co. even stronger. 🙂 Hit me up on FB if you’re interested in more info.

          • TiskTisk

            Do you know someone who has been able to have a realized gain, not a number on a screen but a payout of your investment?

          • Tim Bentley

            Yes I am in a group that I see people everyday pulling out or reinvesting the earnings they made with USI.

          • Reseller7

            Yes, my sponsor his only real income is from USI. He’s at approx $1300/day. Today alone BTC was up over $800!!! So in USI you benefit from the daily payout but also from packages sold in your team. His team about 800 people.

          • John Smith

            Whats the math on 1% compounding over 3 years? How much would a measly $1k investment turn become?

          • I have the numbers for you. First of all I would NEVER 100% reinvest in ANY DEAL for 3 years. That requires unrelenting trust and love. LOL! Now I don’t know if USI-Tech pays just M-F or every day of the week. These calculations include the weekends.

            With that said, looking at these numbers, I doubt very seriously if it is sustainable. $1000 investment will give you an active investment of almost $54million!!! Someone PLEASE CALL Warren Buffett and Bill Gates! They’re missing out! LOL!

            With that said…

            The results are based on: $1,000.00 investment starting on 11/08/2017 for 1095 Days at 1% interest paid per day calculated every day and compounded with 100% of your profit being reinvested and 0% withdrawn thus resulting in an accumulated profit total of $53,938,370.61

            Accumulated Profit Over 1095 Days (100% Compounded): $53,938,370.61

            Accumulated Percentage Return On Investment (ROI) Over 1095 Days: 5,393,837%

            Total Principal (Deposit + Profit) Over 1095 Days (100% Compounded): $53,939,370.61

            Number of Interest Payments Over 1095 Days: (Paid Daily) 1095
            Investment Starting Date: 11/08/2017
            Investment Ending Date: 11/07/2020

            Break Even Point
            Number of Days To Break Even: 70

            Break Even Date (Returned Profit Equal To Your Deposit): 01/17/2018

          • Reseller7

            Payout It’s only 5 days /wk. Bitcoin has gone up $3000 since 11/08/2017. They’re earning on our BTC’s 24/7!!! 1% is nothing when you look at from the standpoint Bitcoin is on an UP TREND!!! All one needed to was buy and not sell to benefit. A friend in another company has 47 BTC. What’s he making per day. Now apply all the BTC USI has in it’s vault’s!!! Today alone BTC was up $800 plus!!!

          • Tim Bentley

            Over a years time if you are reinvesting along the way, you should get a return of 4 to 5 times your money. More if Bitcoin goes up. Less if it goes down..

          • David Tyler

            Wow. Youre so dumb iy literally hurts. This aint for you. Move along

          • David James Ellison


          • Joel Drawbaugh

            I don’t agree with either of you… but the USI proposal is unclear.

          • Reseller7

            I understand them to ONLY trade for partners 8 hours/day and for 5 days/wk. The rest of the time they trade for the company.

          • Joel Drawbaugh

            BTC go down? wow, do you understand blockchain? Unless there is a 51% attack (which I’m sure you have no idea what that is…) it will be fine for a many years.

          • Janel Sara

            That is interesting…my 19 yr old grandson joined last May and is earning $250 per day 5 days a week…and he has already had a return on his investment……

  • Jaff Tyrone

    Hi , Im here to tell you, I met the owners, and they are honest, they visited Philippines, not long ago,
    They had an Opening, im the youngest. 🙂

    • Lawrence Friedlander

      are you kidding me? You met them and “they are honest?” Haha. You think they would act dishonest if they were? You can tell who’s honest and who’s not because….? Oh, because you met them? Go try and look them up on LNKD and try and find any fact about their backgrounds next time you “meet ” them

      • Joel Drawbaugh

        Too Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Honest people everywhere. Bernie was honest for 20 years till he lost $65billion. LOL But USI is SEC complainted and bonded, unlike bittconnect , given they can still scam but it is harder since they have audits. Of course Bernie passed many audits.

  • Need a law to prevent those scam.

    • Joel Drawbaugh

      Making laws are good for removing liberty. If you don’t like it don’t invest. If you invest and lose keep your mouth shut that is what you get. But asking the government to protect the people by removing rights is a Nazi thing.

  • Bill L

    I guess my main concern is the owner of USI-Tech. Been reading many many articles and many of them mention that both the founders/owners have had some ties to scheme’s. Trust is the hardest part of this.

  • Angela

    Hello people. Just here to investigate USI-tech… researching. I’ve gotta become a single mom, quickly, with a homeschooled special needs kiddo, (which makes it a major challenge to work full time) and want to know if somebody can teach me how to make at least $100 a day doing something like this? That’s the amount we need to survive and live honest lives. Is there anything similar to USI-tech that is more legit? more honest? more successful? I’ve talked to a few people that explained how they started slowly and are growing with USI-tech… but most things in the world are scams unfortunately, so it’s kinda hard to differentiate and know who to trust. (understatement). I can take small risks if it can show something productive, but I’m not desperate enough to be an idiot. Anybody wanna show me the ropes? It’d be for a good cause {cheeky grin and blue-eye blinking}, lol.

    • Money Well

      Hello Angela,
      Please call me, I’m in real Estate and Financial Services…and bitcoin mining recently. Please call me at 8 five 8. 2 zero 1. 8 eight 7 seven. I might have the right one for you. You might just have to be ready to make more than $100/ day without working most of the time.

    • Lawrence Friedlander

      Did you find what you needed?

  • David Tyler

    What a shitty info less article.

  • K Pierson

    You sir are a liar, I have bought multiple bit packs at 50 euro, it has never cost me 600 euro. I recommend you do your research. USI-tech as paid me daily on every dime I have invested just as their website states. It is not a MLM, but uses the same affiliate marketing tool as Walmart. I have friends that have been involved with USI for over 6 months and have doubled their money several times over. Don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

    • Lawrence Friedlander

      btc has tripled….after 100 days i doubled my money in btc and took it all out…19k day 1 and 20k day 100…You, after 100 days still are at risk and do not get your original money and 100% profit after 100 days do you? Can you take the $x from day one and walk with 2$x on day 100? No. And if btc drops 50% the next 40 days, good luck getting the 40% profit

  • Janel Sara

    Well my son and my 19yr old grandson got involved with USI~tech back in May and have made good money. My grandson invested $5000 and he has gotten that back plus is now earning more daily from USI~tech than he does at his day job! My son has also met the CEO’S three times and has vetted the company. I just recently gotten involved and started small at $60 and have made 5 times that in a matter of a month!

    • Lawrence Friedlander

      your son has met the ceo’s( i think there’s only one ceo) 3x where? I am waiting to see trading results. If course you are making money. 1-btc has tripled and 2- they have 100 days to find money to pay you and it’s early so keep it going, but until there’s trading results or a reason why you don’t make 1% a day and can withdraw all your money + 1% a day( if they are making money) then it’s not a real investment

  • I’m serious about doing my research. After critically scrutinizing USI for over a month, I decided to sign up for a free account and tossed in a small amount of risk capital ~ just to see what happened. Like clockwork, every working day for the last 3 months, I’ve been earning about 1% return on capital. Every working day. M-F except holidays. This means that by the end of my 140 day contract, I will have earned 40% profit on top of my initial package purchase price, which is slowly returned to me over the course of the first 100 days of the contract. Ummm, This is totally AwEsOmE! I know it sounds too good to be true to some people. But I think those people need to raise the roof on their “good” and “true” definitions. I have absolutely no idea why people would think USI could be a scam ~ the product is actually consistently delivering on what it offers. For every single customer. Try and find a customer who isn’t earning money passively. I dare you. And yes, I agree with Faith Sloan, people can earn insane profits in one day with cryptos. Why is 40% in 6 months so shocking?