Is Pypestream The Social Messaging App To Boost Bitcoin Adoption?

Having a direct line of communication between consumers and their favorite business can be beneficial to shape the financial landscape of the future. Even though social networks such as Twitter and Facebook were conceived to achieve that goal, it hasn’t worked out according to plan just yet. Pypestream, a fairly new startup, may have cracked the code to this problem. But can this platform be used to foster widespread Bitcoin adoption?

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Pypestream – Social Messaging for Businesses and ConsumersTheMerkle_Pypestream

Customer support experiences are, in most cases, very rarely positive. Pypestream wants to address this issue, as their messaging gap bridges the gap between businesses and consumers. Retailers can create different types of accounts on the Pypestream network, rather than using one account for every announcement, return, or customer support.

For the consumer, a messaging app can prove to be quite beneficial as well. Rather than spending hours on the phone while listening to hold music, they can simply send a message through Pypestream. Once a company representative gets in touch with the consumer, they will receive a notification. In fact, it is much more convenient to leave the app running in the background, as it is a massive cost-cutting measure.

Do keep in mind that business will be able to generate a stream of messages on Pypestream through both automation and human interaction. Regardless of whether consumers are being contacted by actual human beings, the interaction itself will feel more natural, and provide a less stressful experience than ever before.

It will take some time until major businesses get on board with Pypestream, as most companies have their own in-house developed social messaging solutions. However, it remains to be seen which solution gains the upper hand in a few months from now, as consumers are getting sick and tired of horrible customer support.

Interesting Concept For Bitcoin Adoption

What makes Pypestream even more appealing is the effect it could have on Bitcoin adoption, both by retailers and consumers alike. With such a direct line of communication between all parties, this social messaging app can prove to be invaluable for Bitcoin awareness all over the world. Whether or not that will be the case in the end remains to be seen, though.

Source: TechCrunch

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