IoT Sensor Data Marketplace DataBroker DAO Announce Exchange Listing, Platform Update and Partnership with AllThingsTalk

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries in the world; other sectors are scrambling to implement IoT hardware and software, and it’s no wonder why considering the market is anticipated to be worth 1.2 Trillion USD in 2019. But, issues are preventing the market reaching its full capacity, and that is the use of data silos and walled gardens. Organisation and companies that utilise IoT sensor data are keeping it to themselves, for the most part, locking the data away.

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Making the Most of the Market

DataBroker DAO, a Blockchain startup from Dubai, has developed a platform that allows users of any background or size to buy and sell their local IoT data. In doing so, DataBroker DAO put themselves ahead of the curve with the plans to tap a significant portion of the locked away IoT data, worth approximately 120 Billion USD. The company has been extraordinarily active, especially throughout their token pre-sale and have been making some sterling announcements regarding exchange listings, partnerships and platform updates.

Exchanges and Partnerships

DataBroker DAO have managed to get themselves listed on the CoinFalcon exchange, which is one of the most simple and straightforward exchanges available, it presently lists BTC, IOT, NANO, LTC and ETH and features an ‘instant trading’ tool, it allows users to begin trading cryptocurrencies the instant that their deposit is confirmed. Being listed on an exchange can do fantastic things for the value of a cryptocurrency and therefore that of its parent company; the listing on CoinFalcon could prove to be a winning move for DataBroker DAO.

DataBroker DAO has also partnered with IoT data ‘middleware’ platform, AllThingsTalk; the new partnership with the IoT Data giant is intended to create ease of access for IoT data users. The AllThingsTalk platform allows customers to aggregate and process IoT data, and is an end-to-end solution, connecting any of the user’s hardware or software platforms, causing them to connect, interact and store data which can be observed via mobile or web dashboards.

DataBroker 2.0

The team at DataBroker DAO have also received a lot of feedback from its alliance members, users and potential users; a hot topic that kept coming up was the quality assurance of the data being provided on the marketplace. So in response, DataBroker DAO revamped the platform from the ground up releasing the “V2.0” version or the aptly named “Discovery Release”. The update brings a “token curated registry” that requires data sellers to stake the platforms native token, DTX, against the data.

It also comes with a new range of IoT sensors in Belgium that actively search for high-quality data sets, acting as the interface between the users’ search enquiries and the data available.

It’s an exciting project, the value of IoT data is set to grow exponentially, and DataBroker DAO have identified a vital portion of the market that once unlocked, could set off a whole new trend of how we buy, sell, share our own IoT sensor data.

DataBroker DAO has just finished up the presale for their utility token, DTX, the token is the platforms native currency and is a means to buy and sell IoT sensor data.

The Pre-Sale began March 19th, 2018 and ended March 26th, 2018; and the main sale for the DTX token begins April 26th – 4PM CET.

The sale will run for four weeks with a rate of 4000 DTX Per 1 ETH and participants on the first day will awarded a 10% bonus.

Contributions made before and during the sale through a referral link will also be awarded 5% bonus of tokens sold via that referral