Hyperledger Project Welcomes 17 New Members, Including Samsung SDS

The Hyperledger Project is gaining more and more attention from all over the world. That is only normal, as every financial service provider in the world wants to be part of the next revolution. Distributed ledgers will play a big role in this regard, and a total of 17 new organizations have joined the Hyperledger Project recently.

Tremendous Interest For Hyperledger Project

Competition among blockchain solutions can only be a good thing for the future of finance. With so many teams and engineers exploring this technology, an exciting future lies ahead. For the Hyperledger Project, that future keeps looking better every quarter, as their member ranks continue to grow at an accelerated pace.

With a total of seventeen new organizations joining the project, new proofs of concept can be drafted in the coming months. Among the new members are Inuit Foundation, Intuit, Netki, the NXT Foundation, and Samsung SDS. Especially Samsung is an interest addition, as we previously mentioned their interest in blockchain technology.

Hyperledger Project Executive Director Brian Behlendorf stated:

“There’s been a tremendous response to our vision for creating an open community for blockchain technology and we’re proud to be celebrating this member milestone. At a growth rate of nearly two new members joining per week – there’s no telling where we’ll be at by the end of the year – I look forward to working with this growing community to further our open blockchain development efforts.”

Building industry-specific applications on the blockchain is a cause well worth pursuing. It is evident to most people distributed ledgers can change about any aspect of everyday life, albeit many opportunities are waiting to be explored. Initiatives such as Hyperledger Project nudge enthusiast sin the right direction to create very accurate proofs of concept and use cases.

All of these seventeen new members come from various regions. Europe, the US, and Asia are all represented. Most of these new additions want to focus on Internet of Things and finance, two sectors where blockchain technology can make a significant impact in the coming years.

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