Blockchain Asset Investment Platform Lawnmower Now Available Worldwide

Lawnmower was once touted as one of the biggest Bitcoin and blockchain applications in the world. Ever since that time, the company seemed to go through a rough patch, removing some popular features. But the new website and apps will help their idea back on track. Contrary to what some people may have wanted to believe, Lawnmower is still very much in the Bitcoin game.

New Lawnmower Apps And Website Go Live

It is the first time the Lawnmower app is made available to the entire world. Up until now, the app was only available to specific regions, which did not sit well with the general cryptocurrency community. Luckily, the team paid attention to these complaints and decided to up their game.

Speaking of making Lawnmower available to the public, creating an account is no longer needed, which is a nice bonus. The Lawnmower Blockchain Index is an upgraded feature, allowing users to track top blockchain assets. As these assets increase or decrease in value, the Index will scale and re-balance automatically.

Lawnmower wants to position itself as a global hub for blockchain asset market data. There is also a strong focus on research and investment tools, all of which are available on through the application.  Simpler features, such as tracking the Bitcoin price is also possible. Among other currencies one can track are Ether and Ripple.

There is also a partnership between Lawnmower and Coinbase which lets US users buy and sell Bitcoin through their bank account in minutes. Additional regions will receive a similar functionality in the coming months, although no specific details have been made available at this time. More payment methods will be supported as well.

All in all, it looks as if the Lawnmower team is finally back on track to push their solution in the right direction. Developing solutions like these will take time, and there will be hurdles along the way which lead to setbacks. Lawnmower is finally available to the world, regardless of one has experience in the world of Bitcoin and blockchain.

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