Huh Token Is Still a Scam, Proof of Email Harassment

After my report last week about Huh token being a scam, the team behind the token decided to launch an aggressive marketing campaign on a variety of news publications in an attempt to lure more victims for their scheme.

A quick search for “huh token” on google news, reveals a multitude of misleading articles attempting to paint huh token as the next Shiba Inu or Ethereum.

The reason Huh token is a scam is simple: There’s no contract address that you can find online.

The only way to purchase Huh tokens is via their presale page, which simply provides you with an address to deposit your coins to. As you might expect, you don’t get any coins in return. Moreover, take a look at this reddit thread outlining how many victims the scam has already attracted.

It saddens me deeply that we can’t prevent scams like this from happening, which is the reason I’m so passionate about educating the public about these schemes.

In response to my previous report, my editor showed me two emails that were addressed to me. We’ve decided to release the emails below:

The first email stated:

“I noticed that you published this article

Why you publish this? Can you please take it down? I can pay $40 vouch for that.

Don’t publish negative news plz.


The second email stated

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“Hi Paul,

I know you feel that you are doing a good thing with your scam warning site about HUH token, but you are not.

HUH is not a scam at all, very disorganised yes, but not a scam.

They have just launched a new website as promised, they have nearly 7k telegram followers and that figure is growing every day as people are still coming on board and investing, all eagerly anticipating the December 6th launch date.

What you have quoted on reddit is very misleading as the majority of people responding to that post you are referring to are saying that they are happy having invested in HUH token and stating that it is not a scam at all.

If you were to join their telegram group, you will see that they are answering everyone questions promptly and they are getting to grips with the email situation as best they can.

You are providing very damning information with your post as it misleading and wholly untrue.

The truth is though, it makes no difference to me as i have invested and along with everyone else who has, are going to make a shit load of money as this HUH token is going to be a shib killler.

What you have done with your post is in effect stopping other people from getting in on the action…”


Regardless of the amount of harassing emails I will receive, my views won’t change.

Huh token is a scam and you should stay far away from it.

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Originally published on The VR Soldier

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