Huge Variation in Bitcoin Jobs Showcases Ecosystem Strength

There is no better time than now to land a job in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, as the number of job openings keeps increasing month over month. Taking a look at the recent job listings posted on the Coinscrum website, developers are still sought after the most, but there are plenty of other skills that are of high value to the Bitcoin world.

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Anyone Can Work In The Bitcoin Sector

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One of the major misconceptions people have about working in the world of digital currency is how they need coding skills. Granted, most of the established companies and startups are looking for people with coding knowledge, as the blockchain is an interesting innovation waiting to be explored further. But Bitcoin is about much more than writing code, and the Coinscrum website displays exactly that.

Education plays a significant role in the world of digital currency, as a lot of people have no idea why this concept is of such great importance right now. A lot of focus lies on the financial side of things, even though the underlying distributed ledger technology can be used for various purposes. Proper educational efforts need to be undertaken, and Eris Industries Limited seems to be looking for someone to fulfill that role.

Smart contracts are just one of the natural extensions of blockchain technology, and the Ethereum protocol will help bring these advancements to the masses. Writing smart contracts will be a key element to making this technology succeed in the future, and it is a job that can be done from anywhere in the world.

The R3 consortium is a conglomerate of different banks and financial players looking to explore the boundaries of distributed ledger technology. As their teams keep working on the concept of blockchain in the financial sector, R3CEV is looking for various engineers and even a social media manager. In this day and age, social media plays a significant role in establishing an online presence, especially in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency.

Even people with a huge passion for blockchain and distributed ledger technology, but without the coding skills, have a major role to play. Blockchain consultancy will be one of the jobs subject to growing demand in the years to come. Landing such a position requires interested parties to have a good understanding of the blockchain, and the ability to link existing infrastructure with distributed ledger technology.  

In the end, interest in Bitcoin and the blockchain will be able to land anyone in the world a job related to digital currency in the future. Unlike the typical job market, where interviews are hard to come by, the bitcoin ecosystem is open to applications at any given time. Everyone has something valuable to bring to the table, and any company’s next employee might be reading this article right now.

Source: Coinscrum

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