How to Pick Out the Best Offshore Betting Provider in Florida

Betting in Florida is quite a challenging feat. Although there were plans to legalize sports betting in the Sunshine State back in October 2015, the endless challenges which cropped up seemed to delay the process and it hasn’t recovered since. During the month of September, both the Seminole Tribe and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida submitted briefs in favor of the gambling agreement in the state.

Following the occurrence of this event, the Seminole Tribe did establish a Hard Rock Sportsbook app; however, it was shut down after only one month of existence due to a pending legal action. With the legislation on sports betting existing in purgatory at the moment, residents in Florida have been taking advantage of offshore sportsbooks to bet on the top sports teams in Florida. We must ask, however, how can you pick out the best offshore provider while in Florida? 

What is Offshore Betting Like in Florida?

In spite of the fact that it is disliked in Florida, offshore betting has been occurring for a very long time. There are now online betting sites that make it possible for people living in Florida to bet on their favorite sports while residing in this state.

There are now offshore betting sites that make it possible for people living in Florida to bet on their favorite sports while residing in this state. According to the list of top sites for betting on sports in Florida that operate offshore. These websites are all well-known and trustworthy establishments that make it possible to wager on sports online in Florida. Each of these sportsbooks has a wide variety of betting options, excellent promotions, as well as deposit and withdrawal options using multiple currencies which include cryptocurrency.

Look for Crypto-Revolutionaries

When it comes to offshore sportsbooks, cryptocurrency has quickly become one of the most popular payment options. These techniques make it possible to have far more versatile deposit and withdrawal limitations, as well as speedier payouts. Although you should be aware of the volatility of crypto prices, it can be a great tool to use when you’re looking to make tax-free payments. There are even specific bonuses that are tailored to cryptocurrency that emphasize how revolutionary these sportsbooks really are.

If you’re a crypto-revolutionary yourself, you should look out for sports betting providers in the state of Florida that accept cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, ETH, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, and Tether amongst many others.

Make Sure You Get Bonuses

On top of the many options for making payments, a betting provider will also provide you with a selection of different welcome bonuses to choose from.

A fresh player’s initial impression is shaped by the welcome bonus, which also provides quick gratification in the form of a bonus that, in some manner, enhances the player’s ability to interact with the website and participate in games. This is a basic psychological trick that reels customers in and gets ’em hooked.

Check out the possible bonuses you could come across when choosing a sportsbook in Florida;

No-Deposit Bonus

If you come across a provider that has this on offer, hold it close and treasure it deeply as they are quite rare! With this kind of bonus you will be granted a certain amount of betting credit just for registering your account when you take advantage of an offer that does not need a deposit. Even though it’s only $10–20, you may consider this “free money” because all you had to do was create an account.

Bets With No Risks

When you sign up for an online sportsbook that offers a welcome bonus that takes the structure of a bet without risks, the offer will be applicable for the primary bet you place through the website. After reviewing the various factors (odds, lines, etc.), you are free to place your first bet with the knowledge that, in the event that you are unsuccessful, your money will be returned to you through site credit or a free bet.

This bonus will grant you two opportunities to place bets altogether, but the credit you gain back might or might not come with wagering limitations attached to it.

Deposit Bonuses 

The majority of offshore sportsbooks provide something which highly resembles the infamous welcome incentive and that is the deposit bonus. This bonus will match a particular percentage that can shoot up to a predetermined maximum dollar amount. When you get to this point, you won’t be free to collect the bonus money you received until the wagering requirements have been satisfied.

Safeguard Your Security

Players coming from Florida and other states in the US as well as anywhere else are typically suspicious of the safety of offshore sportsbooks because they cannot be found in the country they are playing from in the majority of circumstances. It turns out that their criteria for security and protection are among the most stringent in the industry.

They guarantee that all of their websites are secured with SSL encryption, and frequently they even hire independent auditors to check that the percentages and payouts are fair. Offshore sportsbooks recognize that this is a key period for building their credibility, and as a result, they are working hard to preserve stringent safety procedures.

Florida’s Sports Betting Future

When it first opened its doors for business in November 2021, the state of Florida’s sports betting industry appeared to be off to a strong start. Nevertheless, because of the lawsuit that was filed in late 2021, the Seminole Tribe’s appeal has not moved forward, and the fact that not enough signatures were collected by February 1, 2022, indicates that there won’t be any progress before 2023 to get legal online sports betting in the state of Florida. In the meantime, offshore sportsbooks are here to stay, so be sure to bet at sites that implement our tips!