How To Buy Bitcoin Instantly

One of the things a lot of digital currency enthusiasts are looking for is a convenient way to buy Bitcoin instantly.Depending on which country the user is living is, this can be achieved in a multitude of ways. Convenience plays a big role in this regarding, and some of the examples listed below are very flexible regarding accepted payment methods, ranging from instant bank transfers to credit cards, and even cash.

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Buy Bitcoin Instantly From Exchanges

TheMerkle_Buy Bitcoin Instantly Exchanges

Although the word “exchange” might not immediately come to mind when people consider how to buy Bitcoin instantly, there are some platforms which allow this type of transactions. The most obvious example is Coinbase, as they allow users to make instant purchases with their credit and debit cards, although the feature is only available in 26 countries right now.

Using a credit or debit card removes the need for Coinbase users to pre-fund their account balance with a bank transfer, allowing for far smoother and faster purchases. Before one can use this feature to buy Bitcoin instantly, however, the user will need to have a verified Coinbase account, and enable the feature in their account settings. Additionally, only Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards are accepted [at the time of publication]

Circle is a different kind of Bitcoin exchange, although they are specialized in buying and selling Bitcoin as well. People looking to buy Bitcoin instantly will be able to do so through the Circle platform, although they only seem to support debit cards for the time being. Depending on the user’s verification level, they can buy Bitcoin instantly for up to US$3,000 per week, which is quite a high limit. Unfortunately, this platform is not accessible to customers all over the world, as the company only officially supports US-issued cards.

247Exchange offers the widest range of payment methods by far, yet seems to be underappreciated by the Bitcoin community.  Similar to Coinbase and Circle, the 247exchange is a great place to buy Bitcoin instantly, as they support credit and debit card, wire transfers, cash deposits, and instant money transfers, depending on your location. Users will need to go through an identity verification process which is only required for the first purchase.  Do keep in mind there is a fee charged depending on the payment method used, as well as the 247Exchange fee for providing this service.

Buy Bitcoins Instantly: LocalBitcoins And LibertyX

TheMerkle_Buy Bitcoin Instantly Peer-to-peer

The best solution to buy Bitcoin instantly and not deal with high fees is by using a platform such as LocalBitcoins. Buyers and sellers are connected to each other directly, without intermediary party holding onto the funds. Sellers may offer Bitcoin at a premium rate, though, which can make things a bit more expensive when looking to buy Bitcoin instantly. Among the support payment methods are SEPA transfers, cash, PayPal, PaySafeCard, and others.

Last but not least, customers in the United States may have heard of a service called LibertyX. Users will need to sign up for an account through the website or mobile app, which will then let them buy up to US$1,000 worth of Bitcoin per day. For those looking to buy Bitcoin instantly, LibertyX is an interesting option, as users can pay cash to the cashier and complete the transaction in mere minutes. This service is available in select states and cities only, though.

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