How Technology is Helping to Reduce Car Accidents

According to the World Health Organization, there are nearly 1.25 million people that die in road crashes each year. In the United States alone, it is estimated that around 6 million car accidents happen year-round.

Despite these alarming numbers, car accidents are still considered to be in a downward trend. There are a few reasons why this is the case and mostly, this is because of road safety awareness and of course, the help of technology. 

Aside from making sure that you drive carefully and safely, getting yourself and your car insured is just very important. Sure, that can’t really avoid car accidents but aside from it’s a state requirement when driving a vehicle, you’ll just really be thankful that you have insurance whether a big or small vehicular accident happens.

When purchasing a vehicle, one of the necessary functions and features that people look at is safety. Thanks to technological advancements and innovations, there are now many safety features that a vehicle could have to avoid fatal car accidents.

Here are a few of these great technological advances that are used on vehicles and changed or improved road safety.

Blind Spot Detection 

This is a feature of a vehicle that gives the driver a visual alert or notification when the car is in a driver’s blind spot. The use of this technology can reduce the rate of lane-change accidents. This device or technology uses radar sensors.

However, there are also blind-spot monitors that make use of cameras for detection. Both radar sensors and cameras are typically located under the rear bumper or side mirrors of a vehicle. If your car doesn’t come with this, you can ask for one to be installed by a professional.

Bluetooth Voice Control

This car tech has been around for quite a while now and it proves to be something essential for drivers. Phone distractions can easily cause car accidents. Sometimes, it’s just really unavoidable to receive important calls or texts while you’re driving, and it’s a known fact that you should avoid holding your phone on the road.

In fact, it’s even illegal in many states and countries to be on the phone while driving. A Bluetooth capable vehicle can let you get that call while driving without taking your eyes off the road. This can also be used to read out map directions.

Electronic Stability Control

The ESC is a technology that could help stop vehicles from sliding out of control when used during risky climates. True to its name, it can better the vehicle’s stability, and at the same time reduce the chances of skidding.

This technology can also touch the vehicle’s traction of control by biting into one or three wheels of the car. This could send your car in an intended direction to also avoid major accidents. When not in use, the ESC can be both turned on and off. 

Traction Control Systems

Speaking of traction, this device or technology can actually help eliminate accidents on slippery roads It basically prevents the wheel from spinning during the car’s acceleration. This is most helpful for your vehicle’s wheels to avoid instability during the ride.

Adaptive Headlights

This type of headlights appears as the typical ones you see on a vehicle, but what’s different about it is that it could also turn when the steering wheel is turned. When driving on a dark road, accidents can quickly happen. The car may hit something that’s unseen with your eyes, and these headlights will ensure that you never drive in too much darkness.

Lane Departure Warning System

This is another safety feature that makes use of a camera to monitor lane markings. This system will alert the driver if it detects that the vehicle is already drifting out of its lane. Sleepiness could sometimes be the reason why this happens, and many fatal accidents happen because of that.

Safe Driver Assistant

The safe driver assistant feature is mainly present in modern vehicles. It’s an advanced electronic system that could help increase care and road safety by making use of its human and machine interface. This could also be activated when you’re parking the vehicle to make sure that you don’t hit the gutter or other automobiles around.

Forward Collision System

This is a technology that a car could have to avoid strong hitting impact during an accident. This is mainly used to avoid intense rear-end accidents. This system could measure the distance between your car and the car that’s in front of you. If you’re driving too close, this will prompt a notification or alert.