Here Are 4 Ethereum Trading Bots Worth Checking Out

Trading bots are rather popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Even though a lot of people would like to trade cryptocurrencies, they don’t have the slightest idea how to do so. For those users interested in trading Ethereum back and forth, there are a few trading bots worth checking out. Your mileage may vary when using any of these tools, though, as no trading bot is perfect.

4. BTC Robot

Even though the name might not suggest it, BTC Robot is not just dedicated to trading Bitcoin. It has some interesting features, including 24/7 monitoring of cryptocurrency exchange rates, as well as the ability to look at charts to determine recurring patterns. 

By taking advantage of those patterns, Ethereum enthusiasts can make some good money, depending on how the bot performs. There is a 60-day guarantee and trial period during which one can evaluate whether this is the right Ethereum trading bot for their needs. From a convenience point of view, BTC Robot offers some good functionality, although advanced traders may be looking for something more.

3. Cryptotrader

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, most people have come across the Cryptotrader name at some point. This platform is quite popular among Bitcoin and altcoin enthusiasts these days. Its cloud-based approach also lets users create personalized trading strategies, which is quite similar to a trading bot. With no need to install additional software, CryptoTrader may be one of the more intriguing Ethereum bots on the market right now.

2. HaasOnline

For most people, HaasOnline is the go-to trading bot for most cryptocurrency activity. Its software uses a core trading algorithm which integrates user suggestions over time. New exchanges and indicators are added on a regular basis as well. With its flexible license, there are many ways to make good money by using HaasOnline as an Ethereum trading bot. It seemingly caters to both novice and advanced traders, which is always a good thing.

1. PHPTrader

Even though a lot of people have probably never heard of this project, Christian Hascheck put together a rather powerful Ethereum trading bot a while ago. What initially began as a Bitcoin trading bot can now be used for Ethereum trading as well. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is that it can be used on any model Raspberry Pi, which makes for a rather convenient solution. Although the Ethereum trading bot is very simple in its design, it does offer all of the functionality one would expect.

It does require a Coinbase account, as that is the only exchange it supports right now. However, since this bot is written in PHP, there is no reason to think this solution can’t be expanded upon in the future. The code is available on GitHub, and users are more than welcome to make their own exchange additions accordingly. From a convenience point of view, this bot has everything most novice traders want, even though it will not perform analysis or predict price trends. It’s not necessarily meant for big investments, which makes it a perfect starting solution for novice traders.