Hashon.ru Bitcoin Cloud Mining Review

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts are well aware the number of legitimate cloud mining companies can be counted on the fingers of both hands. Hashon.ru is not a platform that will ever make that list as they are a clear scam looking to steal one’s bitcoins. With a domain registered less than three weeks ago, and a withdrawal system that is not paying out, things are not looking all that good for this company.

When opening the Hashon.ru website for the first time, it becomes abundantly clear something is fishy. While the design might look better than the average cloud mining scam in existence today, the company positions itself as an HYIP cloud mining business. The terms HYIP and cloud mining in the same sentence is never a good sign, and in the case of Hashon.ru, it just means twice the scamming efforts.

Horrible English on the website is not helping matters much either, although that is not uncommon on Russian websites translated into English. What is of greater concern is the unrealistic return percentages listed on the website, ranging from 2.9% to 12%. None of these returns is achievable in the cloud mining world, nor will any investor ever see those digits in the HYIP industry either.

Similarly to other cloud mining scams, Hashon.ru does not provide any information regarding its mining capacity, solvency, or any other vital piece of company information to run a business in the Bitcoin world. While the company promises to return 100% of investments if the user is not satisfied with the system, it is extremely doubtful they would honor such a promise.

If none of the above is a dead giveaway of why this platform should not be trusted, take a closer look at the footer of the web page. The Hashon.ru domain is powered by WordPress, yet the site designed did not even take the trouble of removing this information from the code. Any professional service would make sure at least that part has been sorted, so why would anyone trust them with their bitcoins?

With no company available on the website or in the WHOIS records, there does not seem to be any legitimacy to Hashon.ru. To make matters even worse, there is a thread of negative feedback on BitcoinTalk. Do everybody a favor and stay away from this website.

Website: http://hashon.ru/


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