Gimmer Announces Token Sale for Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Gimmer is an innovative automated cryptocurrency trading platform that has just launched the Alpha version of their platform in the final quarter of 2017. The platform has developed a range of special features for everyone, from experienced traders to complete beginners, making Gimmer uniquely positioned to launch automated cryptocurrency trading into the market.

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Gimmer has a number of unique features, such as automated user trades made possible through Ethereum blockchain technology. Expert traders can build and loan trading strategies to other users. Gimmer also has trading bots that are available for beginners. Currently, the live Alpha platform has over 800 active users,

Gimmers token (GMR) is the fuel behind the platform, allowing trading bots to take the emotion out of trading. Gimmer trades directly via the user’s exchange, no currency is held on site.

Only a few platforms offer automated trading, but they also require an expert level in computer programming skills and knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. This only caters to a small portion of the cryptocurrency market. Gimmer has taken the next step, using AI and trading bots that have the capability to create and test different strategies and will recommend the best course of action based on the user’s risk profile.

The Gimmer roadmap is transparent and clearly outlines to the public exactly what aspects of the platform the funds raised from the token sale are being used to develop, and when they will launch.

This outlines the next steps for Gimmer: decentralising and releasing it as a DAPP. In turn, this will make it cheaper and faster to use and will give the user the capability to run multiple bots at the same time. The team are in the process of creating automated arbitrage and automated lending bots. The development team is experienced in fintech, private equity, and trading and come from sectors across the globe, bringing international cross-industry expertise to the Gimmer project.

Gimmer Token Sale

Gimmer (GMR) tokens will be on sale February 1st – 28th, with he pre-sale starting January 17th. Gimmer’s maximum supply for the token sale is 110 million GMR, with a soft cap 4,800 ETH, and a hard cap 35,000 ETH. These are ERC20 compliant tokens. You can also look forward to some two stages of bonus rounds, 40% in pre-sale and 20% bonus on the public token sale. Tokens will be tradable on authorized exchanges.