German Government Denies Help To Struggling Banks, Including Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank remains a topic of substantial debate among financial experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Even though a lot of people are concerned about the financial health of this institution, nothing has been confirmed just yet. What has been confirmed is how Germany will not help any bank that finds themselves in contested waters.

Moving Away From Deutsche Bank Before The Ship Sinks

Rumors about the demise of Deutsche Bank have been floating around for a few years already. The German financial institution is facing a lot of scrutiny over their practices and fines. Moreover, there are plenty of questions regarding the bank’s financial capacities, as many people feel they have overstretched.

So far there is no real indication Deutsche Bank will be going down anytime soon. At the same time, banks can collapse overnight, which is not putting people’s mind at ease right now. For those who were hoping Germany would bail out its own banks if something were to go amiss, a reality check came in late last night.

The German government has indicated that there are zero plans to provide rescue packages to any failing bank in the nation. Whether it is a small online bank, or even Deutsche Bank, everyone will have to fend for themselves. Such a public dismissal of any help packages will only fuel the fire of speculation regarding Deutsche Bank, though.

This decision comes at an interesting time in which the financial ecosystem continues to struggle. Hardly any bank is achieving projected profits, and customers are withdrawing funds at every possible turn. Many financial experts have always labeled Deutsche Bank as “too big to fail”, but they may be proven wrong shortly.

Things have gone from bad to worse for what once was one of the most successful European players on Wall Street. With multiple lawsuits hitting the bank throughout the years totaling over US$13.5bn, it became apparent that things cannot be maintained indefinitely. Furthermore, DB only barely scraped by the European stress tests conducted to gauge banks’ responses to a looming crisis.  This story will undoubtedly continue over the next few months.

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