Gaming Champion And Pioneer Of Esports Provides Vital Knowledge To Triforce Tokens

As the titanic rise of Esports and competitive gaming continues to break records and drive the professional video games community into a new, dizzying height of celebrity; there exists important milestones along this albeit young, but explosive journey. Legendary games have provided the foundation on which Esports has been able to grow, and develop the technology and community that now encompass the gaming culture as a whole. Games like Starcraft, Quake and Counterstrike have all been instrumental in the development of competitive gaming as a whole.

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Arise A Champion

It is in the world of counter strike that legendary world champion Danny Montaner AKA fRoD was able to make a name for himself. After hanging up his gloves he went onto coach and manage the FaZe Clan to numerous world victories. Also name Player of the decade, his accolades are numerous and his experience in gaming wealthy and sophisticated.

Which is why, when appointed as a new advisor to the TriForce Tokens project, was met with rounded agreement that this was an incredibly beneficial move for the team. This move follows up a series of other partnerships that TriForce Tokens have made in a lead up to their crowd sale.

Danny continues to involve himself in the world of Overwatch as coach of FaZe clan, as well as Esports manager for the American organisation. Being still so currently involved in one of the most popular Esports games puts him in a position where he really knows the impact that Triforce Tokens will have on the industry.

Partners With Benefits

Stating in a recent interview that TriForce tokens originally caught his attention with its attentive focus on the gaming community, player protection and security, his pioneering work in the E-sports industry himself he knows the importance of these factors. He also noted the multiple sources of untapped revenue generation that TriForce Tokens could offer both content creators and developer. Danny believes that the industry is crying out for profitable solutions to bring the community together, whilst offering protection for players and security for developers.

Danny joins a stellar and diverse line up of keen players in the TriForce Tokens Project that fundamentally aim to empower players, and give back to those that power the industry. Through providing honest revenue generation options, a social hub connected directly to the entire gaming community, and a unique reward and honouree system all whilst continuing to play the games people love.

TriForce Tokens’ vision of a global gaming network addresses the prohibitive barriers to market entry and cross-platform communication. TriForce Tokens will offer ways to rapidly deploy common features across any platform and any game, such as tournaments, P2P trading, and peer ranking. Instead of replacing existing revenue models, the technology will assist the expansion of new revenue models.