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FriendUp: A Transparent Cloud Service From a Transparent Country – Norway’s First TGE

Norway is famous for its governmental institutions being the most transparent in the world. Norwegians take pride in their system being trustworthy. It is not only the government, but businesses and everyday life of the citizens too. Trust and openness is the foundation of their society.

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Worldwide Connections

Friend Software Corporation is a cloud computing service provider that was founded in 2014 with a vision to develop web-based applications for organizations to make their work more efficient and reliable. Deployed for the past 3 years, their successful Friend Unifying Platform, or FriendUP, is a cloud computing service that lets corporations to allow users access to their applications in any part of the world with any Windows internet enabled device.The service means huge cost savings to organizations as this means they do not have to invest in dedicated hardware, running a huge IT related budget and ease of access to data.

FriendUp Meets Blockchain

In its next step of evolution, the FriendUP is being integrated with blockchain technology. This step is in line with their five pillars philosophy of freedom, intelligence, empowerment and privacy. By adopting blockchain tech and going the decentralization way, FriendUP will give its users true:

  • Freedom: the ability to access their information from anywhere on any device.
  • Intelligence: With developers making applications, any organization can use these Dapps to enhance their work methodology.
  • Empowerment: FriendUp will make access to the platform free, giving true power to its users.
  • Privacy: With blockchain level encryption, corporations can feel secured that their data is safe from espionage and data breaches.
  • Integration: Ever increasing information on the internet is haphazard and disconnected. FriendUP connects different services and data into one platform to be available in simplified systematic manner.

Being a decentralized blockchain platform based on Ethereum, users will need only a web browser to access their organization’s application and data, regardless of the device being used. FriendUp will also allow users to develop applications for their own use or upload it to the Friend Store, thereby allowing monetization through sale of services and free from any middleman involvement.

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Users can get these apps (Free, at cost or rental- dependent on developer) and immediately transform their work environment on the world’s first decentralized cloud network. Standard of any decentralized network based on blockchain, every transaction (data and monetary) will be encrypted and safe from being hacked into.

Bringing True Transparency

As a Norwegian effort, the organization has been in contact with all relevant authorities to ensure that the same level of transparency is embedded within the platform that is a part of the working of the nation.

Like any decentralized platform, FriendUP will be powered by its own ERC20 compliant token, The FNT. Major uses of the FNT will be to pay for services such as access to applications, payment to clients, service providers, developers etc.

The tokens will be limited to 2,000,000,000, which will be generated during the Token Generation Event. The Event will begin on 19 February, with early backers snaggling a 20% bonus on tokens purchased. The price of FNT is fixed at 1ETH = 20,000 FNT, uninclusive of bonus.

Visit the FriendUp Website:


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