ForkDelta Co-Founder Spat Raises Questions About Project’s Future

There is no such thing as a boring day in the world of cryptocurrency. Especially with so many different projects competing for attention, something interesting can happen at any given time. In the case of ForkDelta, a “clone” of EtherDelta, it seems things are going from bad to worse fairly quickly.

The Story of ForkDelta so far

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are various approaches to creating new projects. In a lot of cases, we see an existing project’s code being “forked” to create a different implementation of the same business model. As such, the ForkDelta project took the EtherDelta code, forked it, and made some minor changes in the process. That was how things were supposed to go, anyway, as it seems the project is unraveling fast.

As it happens, there are many different aspects of ForkDelta to keep an eye on. First of all, there are two founders of this project, who apparently do not see eye-to-eye any longer. Instead, the co-founder named Arseniy has “fired” the other co-founder – a man by the name of Jonathon Dunford – for no apparent reason. This decision means the entire project is effectively dead in the water, although that may still change moving forward.

It appears that the ongoing collaboration between the two co-founders has been strenuous for quite some time now. Even though Arseniy has been (allegedly) absent for most of the development process so far, he is apparently still in full control of the project as of right now. His “firing” of Dunford means he is the only person in control of the coding aspects of ForkDelta.

It seems the reason for this particular development is that there was a token listing on the platform which shook things up a bit. This token has apparently been delisted from the platform, although it should have never been listed in the first place and its identity remains unknown.

Considering that ForkDelta has been under development for nearly three months now, the future of this project is extremely unclear. It is possible things will turn out all right, but when the platform’s owners don’t see eye-to-eye much longer, it’s evident there is good reason for concern. For his part, Dunford is intent on creating a brand-new exchange platform from scratch, and it seems he will take a few ForkDelta developers with him.

Whether or not the ForkDelta project will ever hit its stride remains to be seen. Nor do we know what the platform Dunford aims to create will be called at this point. It is evident there is a lot of confusion associated with these projects right now, and it may be best to avoid dealing with them altogether until things clear up. There are a lot of clashing egos in the world of cryptocurrency, and they often ruin promising products fairly quickly.