Spells of Genesis: Pathway to Success

Spells of Genesis ended the year 2015 as one of the most highly anticipated mobile arcade / card trading game, surpassing the growth of a variety of applications developed by established game makers.

By using the blockchain technology as the backbone of its ownership-based mobile game, the Spells of Genesis team entered the market with a unique strategy. Instead of depending on a centralized authority to distribute and issue digital trading cards, the Spells of Genesis engineers utilized the decentralized and transparent nature of the Bitcoin blockchain network to grant users an irrefutable and unalterable proof of ownership to their cards.

In correlation to the launch of its mobile platform, the Spells of Genesis team released their own independent digital currency called BitCrystals, which quickly gained traction from cryptocurrency enthusiasts and digital currency exchanges such as instant cryptocurrency exchange platform Shapeshift.io.

Most, if not all of the developments integrated and distributed by the Spells of Genesis team were made possible through the successful crowdfunding campaigns completed by the creators of Spells of Genesis, Everdreamsoft.

The development of the Spells of Genesis mobile card trading platform officially began in 2013. Unfortunately, the campaign fell short, failing to reach the pledged amount of US$75,000. Due to the unexpected closure of the only possible source of finance, the Spells of Genesis team struggled to fund crucial parts of their operations.

Two years later, Everdreamsoft launched another crowdfunding campaign with a different vision. The Spells of Genesis team communicated with the game community, built a loyal fanbase from their previous games, and created a free-to-play game for its supporters. The newly launched crowdfunding campaign of Spells of Genesis raised over US$300,000, exceeding the pledged total of US$200,000 by 50%.

During their crowdfunding campaign, the Spells of Genesis team presold and issued 100 million BitCrystals in exchange for nearly 1000 bitcoins, which are worth around US$380,000 at the time of writing. According to the post-sale report released by Everdreamsoft, a total of 14.4 million BitCrystals were distributed by the end of 2015.

Successfully securing a stable financial position, the Spells of Genesis team reached several technological and financial milestones, by launching and distributing various blockchain-based cards on their unique vending system.

Unique Model

According to the Spells of Genesis team, physical card and arcade games generate 70% more revenue than digital card games, primarily due to the customers’ satisfaction of owning scarce and rare items. Since digital assets offered by a centralized authority or platform can be duplicated, many users and game enthusiasts don’t value these assets as much as the physical cards or in-game assets available in the market today.

By limiting the number of each blockchain-based card in existence however, Spells of Genesis created a hybrid of a physical card game and a digital mobile application. Both normal and rare blockchain-based cards offered by the Spells of Genesis are limited to a supply of a certain number of units. BCYDRAGON (Crystal Dragon) for example, which is one of the rarest assets commercially available on the Spells of Genesis store, was issued in a limited supply of 300 units.

Since all assets and trading cards of the Spells of Genesis game are embedded into bitcoin transactions, it is virtually impossible to reproduce the same cards. Instead, users can trade the cards in the applications provided by Spells of Genesis, giving true value to rare assets.


The Everdreamsoft studio has been involved with the game industry since 2009. Seven years ago, the Spells of Genesis team began by releasing Moonga, the first ever trading card game on iOS. The game gained popularity from the Apple App Store at an explosive rate, quickly building a community of diehard fans of the game.

As the pioneers of mobile-based card trading games, the Spells of Genesis team has always attempted to engage in various initiatives which involved innovative technologies. The strong passion of the Spells of Genesis team towards innovation and new technologies have led the team to the development of a Bitcoin blockchain-based card trading game. More importantly, the team believes the rationale behind a product is much more significant than selling the product itself.

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