FLUX introduces private nodes

Any FLUX holder with 5,000 tokens in their wallet can now activate a private node. A node constantly processes all transactions within a holder’s wallet and across the wallets of other holders, then checks and verifies the results and saves them to the sidechain. Thereby, the node holders receive rewards in Ethereum for transaction processing. Here’s an example of how the system works for game vendors:

  1. A FLUX holder with 5,000 tokens in his wallet deploys package nodes on his/her server.
  2. The system checks the required amount of FLUX tokens
  3. The running node connects to the FLUX kernel.
  4. The gamer-vendor transfers the results of matchmaking to the FLUX kernel. The results saved as hashes with unique identifiers go to each node that saves them to the sidechain (distributed and scaled by the nodes themselves).
  5. A smart contract saves the new addressee of the shared commission as “node holder”
  6. When the paid matchmaking system is used, a smart contract sends part of the commission in ETH to the FLUX wallet connected to the node and verified by the system.

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About FLUX

FLUX is a global decentralized gaming ecosystem based on blockchain technology. This is the first solution in the e-sports market that provides decentralized interaction of gamers, viewers and the platform itself. FLUX is an ecosystem that provides multi-level interactivity of the game process, as well as it gives players numerous new channels of monetization of cybersport achievements that are not available on existing platforms. FLUX is also a platform for competitive games and tournaments, a market for game products, a platform for online broadcasting of games and funding of game projects. The FLUX economy assumes absolute transparency, absence of boundaries, and its own token (FLUX) is the main means of payment within the ecosystem. We are also pleased to note the willingness of leading professionals to be among the partners of the project. Together with the project team – this is a highly reliable fusion of the best expertise in the industry.

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FLUX is a truly decentralized system that offers infinite opportunities to play, compete and earn along the way!