Ethplorer Lets Everyone Publicly Track Ethereum-based Tokens

Having a new explorer to check things on a particular blockchain is always a welcome change. Ethplorer was recently released to the public, and it allows users to locate custom asset tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain. This means users can track tokens such as DAO, DGX, and others through this platform. Plus, there are some other features to take advantage of as well.

Ethplorer Is A Valuable Ethereum Token Search Tool

Over the past few months, several new custom assets have been issued on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there was no convenient way to check them all, and the Ethplorer team decided to create a new solution to address this problem. With their new explorer platform, any custom asset token can be tracked with ease.

Unlike other blockchains, tokens issued on the Ethereum protocol are not visible on the blockchain itself. Instead, they are issued through smart contracts, making it a bit difficult to find relevant token information. Moreover, there is no third-party public viewer that operates independently. For Ethereum-based tokens, this is one hurdle that has to be overcome.

Ethplorer is here to address those problems, as it will display information about any token to the public. Instead of making this information available only to developers, everyone in the world will be able to see the exact details. All of this is made possible thanks to the EIP20 protocol being accepted by the Ethereum community.

This standard protocol will now be used for token creation and development. Unfortunately, some of the previously issued tokens did not use this standard, and some of the source code makes it difficult or retrieve their information correctly. These tokens will be supported by Ethplorer, albeit some additional functionality will need to be added.

Users will need to keep in mind that, despite Ethplorer displaying all of the information, there is no guarantee these details are correct. Some errors and miscues may occur, and they will need to be reported to the developers as soon as possible. Still, this is an exciting development for the Ethereum ecosystem and a tool that was direly needed.

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