Ethereum Forum Is Slowly Gaining Traction

Similar to Bitcoin discussions, some of the Ethereum talk is spilling over into its own dedicated forum. The Ethereum Forum, as this place is called unofficially, is not seeing as much of a success as other people might have wanted it to. Then again, there are so many different places to discuss these projects.

Ethereum Forum Is A Valuable Addition

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For all of the focus and excitement regarding Ethereum these days, one would expect the forum to be abuzz with interaction and discussion. Although there are quite a lot of posts to be found on the Ethereum forum, the level of interaction seems relatively small for the time being.

Granted, there are always some discussions which will attract a lot of eyeballs and very little interaction. That is one of the main concerns when launching a forum these days, as it is not that difficult to get publicity, but people will not contribute on their own accord these days. It appears as if the Ethereum forum is struggling a bit with that, although things will undoubtedly pick up over the next few months.

One thing to take into account is how the Bitcointalk forum became so incredibly popular over the years by being the “first” in its niche. Not every forum dedicated to a particular industry or project becomes overly successful unless there are people willing to make it work. The Ethereum forum has a lot of registered members, but something is needed to push them over the edge and get them contributing in an active manner.

One thing is for sure, though: forum layout will not attribute to its success. BitcoinTalk is a bland standard template, and the Ethereum forum is nothing fancy either. But neither of these places are designed to be fancy, as the primary purpose is to bring a community together, exchange ideas, and create new projects.

Some people might be wondering if people are getting a bit fatigued with all of these forums to keep an eye on. There is no dedicated Ethereum section on Bitcointalk and vice versa, but there are other places to talk about Ethereum as well. IRC, Slack, and Skype are all viable alternatives which make using a dedicated forum almost obsolete. But it is good to see the Ethereum Forum being used, albeit less often as people would come to expect.

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