Reaches Softcap in ICO Having Raised Over 5 Million Euro

Malta and Berlin-based eSports community platform has announced the crowdsale of its ground-breaking, decentralized gaming ecosystem, having already reached the softcap of 2 million Euro and currently at over 5 million Euro raised.

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Designed and built for the emerging eSports market, the platform is a blockchain-based service and content portal that lets gamers and fans share, curate, enjoy, and contribute to eSports events. Users on the platform will be able to create guides and videos for their favourite games, enabling them to monetize their skills and knowledge. Users will also be able to shop for their favourite eSports merchandise, hardwares, coaching lessons, and place bets.

Estimated at over 5 billion Euros, the global betting volume for eSports is gaining global recognition and has been projected to be worth between 25 and 45 billion Euros by 2020. Creating a unifying platform where gamers and fans can unite in their common love for all things gaming and be rewarded will usher in a new era of gaming.

Positioning itself as a leader in this emerging industry, has initiated several partnerships with key players in the gaming and media industry including Bet90, SBTech, SportsBookCloud, Pro7 Sat1 Media. The company will also be integrating know your customer procedures (KYC) for full compliance with all relevant gambling authorities and protection of player funds, prevention of underage gambling and fraud.

As the gateway token for all settlement and rewards on the ecosystem, ERT is set to power a new economic system and is being offered to the public. The offer has been soft capped at €2 Million which has already been reached. Hard cap for the ICO has been set at €20 Million, which will enable the launching of the eSports University. The university includes a physical gaming house in Berlin, as well as two teams: one for CS:GO and one for LoL.

Any user may apply online for challenges held at the center, and possibly qualify to become a pro player in either CS:GO or LoL teams. Professional players will be entitled to everything from coaching, private training facilities, cooking and cleaning services, and an attractive salary. Teams will start at the national competitions and work towards becoming champions. After the launch of the community portal, will launch its premium subscription service, enabling subscribers access customized accounts, subscribers-only competitions and raffles for various prizes, including trips to live tournaments and opportunities to play with real athletes.

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