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Escrow services are of the utmost importance in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Since most people are dealing with unknown parties over the Internet, it can be helpful to have someone watch over the funds until the item or service has been delivered as advertised. Escrow services, such as the ones provided by Escrowmybits, protect the buyer in every transaction, preventing them from losing bitcoins.

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It all comes down to offering a professional website and service to potential customers looking for escrow services. Escrowmybits seems to be checking all of the boxes here, as the platform looks professional without too much clutter, and it becomes immediately clear what this company is trying to offer.

There are different types os escrow offered by Escrowmybits, depending on which type of transaction one is performing. It is positive to see clear distinctions being made, as there is a wide variety of value transfers taking place in the Bitcoin world on a daily basis.It is the mission of Escrowmybits to ensure a smooth and safe transaction process for all parties involved.

Additionally, Escrowmybits offers a referral program, which will earn affiliates 20% commission of all fees generated by the referrals. These earnings will depend on that amount of being held in escrow, as well as the associated fee for rendering this service. But that is not all, as the company also offers a Judge Program, which lets users oversee a transaction and solve disputes that may arise. 30% of the escrow fee will be given as a reward for rendering this service.

Even though there is no company information to be found on the Escrowmybits website, the owner of this platform is a Legendary member on the Bitcointalk forums. His profile can be found here, and he is very open about being the owner of this company.Transparency goes a long way in the escrow business, and this service seems to be as legitimate as they come.


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