ErisX Brings Physically-Settled Ethereum Futures to the US

Futures trading is a very popular and prominent market in the financial sector. With the help of ErisX, speculators can be exposed to Ethereum’s price through CFTC-regulated and physically-settled ETH futures contracts. 

There is more to the cryptocurrency industry than just Bitcoin.

A big Milestone for ErisX

Ethereum has carved out a solid position in this industry over the years.

That is also reflected in its market cap, which sits comfortably above $20 billion.

Gaining exposure to this crypto asset without actually holding Ether has proven to be difficult at times.

ErisX acknowledges there is a market segment to tap into.

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Following official approval by the CFTC, the company will provide

physically-settled ETH futures contracts to American traders.

For ErisX, the Ether futures trading segment can prove to be quite valuable.

It is, after all, the second crypto derivatives product available in the US.

Not everyone wants to be exposed to Bitcoin, whereas Ethereum seems to generate a lot more media buzz in recent times.

For nearly a year, ETH futures have been rumored to launch in the US fairly soon.

ErisX has spent a lot of time making this happen, as delays were introduced due to a lack of regulatory clarification on how Ethereum would be classified. 

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