Visa Taps Ethereum to Build its Digital Dollar Infrastructure

Visa remains the world’s leading credit and debit card issuer in the world. That company is also looking to enter the world of virtual money, and it seems the Ethereum blockchain will play a crucial role in the research. 

It has been coming for a while now, but the whole world will transition to virtual money to some degree.

Visa Sees Merit in the Ethereum Blockchain

That can only happen if sufficient service providers develop systems to accommodate this change.

Visa is one of the first big names to effectively unveil its plans for a digital dollar, among other currencies.

The current objective is to digitize the dollar through a blockchain-based system built on top of Ethereum

How far along those plans are at this stage, remains a bit unclear.

A patent has been filed for this particular issuance solution, indicating that it may be put to real-world use once approved. 

The choice for Ethereum is a very interesting one by Visa, to say the very least.

It also makes some sense, as Ethereum’s infrastructure is primarily aimed at coders, developers, and enthusiasts looking to build projects and services with blockchain.

As little information is available right now, more details are expected to be released in the coming months.