Entry Barrier into Real Estate Investment Market is Down to 1 € Thanks to GENESIS Project and Blockchain Technology

New investment capabilities are already open for everyone. The potential of blockchain technology allows to entirely change the current system. Clients will get unprecedented price falling, and business will gain additional capital for development.

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April 2, 2018, GENESIS company starts initial token offering for the project with the same name. Its global aim is to merge real sector with new digital technologies. It is one of the first such projects in the world. Investors who longed to place funds into real estate but didn’t have capital large enough will find this project especially interesting.

Technically this idea is implemented on the newest decentralized blockchain technology, which lets everyone, whoever he is, to become a co-owner of real estate property and gain return on its commercial use. For the first time, investment in this sector becomes so simple and affordable.

What’s the point? The gist of this project

GENESIS is a corporate structure which consolidates international real estate fund and multifunctional electronic platform. In fact, it’s a new model of investment into time proven, reliable and stable assets by means of the newest asset management instruments: blockchain and smart contracts.

GENESIS real estate fund buys commercial buildings, registers them, leases them and manages so that this real estate property could bring the highest revenue. Development is also among its tasks. Investing part of its profit into construction and renovation, GENESIS fund makes its contribution to infrastructure improvement in different cities of the world. And investors get an opportunity to have a considerably higher return.

Everyone can become a co-owner of commercial real estate just for 1

GENESIS gives its participants all benefits of classical real estate funds:

  1. Frees from any inconvenience caused by the necessity of registering each building as a property.
  2. Guarantees, that choosing the most promising objects and further property management will be entrusted to experts.
  3. Gives an opportunity to diversify risks due to owning different objects in different countries.

This list can be continued in connection to GENESIS:

  1. Investor doesn’t have to possess a huge capital, because entry barrier is only 1 €. This is nominal price of 1 GEN token.
  2. Asset management through electronic platform is simple and quick.

Funds movement, tokens and profit distribution among the participants are clear and safe, because they are powered by smart contracts. New digital technology excludes middlemen with all connected expenses and guarantees equal rights to all participants. Each investor shares ownership of all assets — commercial real estate in different parts of the globe. Percentage depends on the amount of tokens held by a participant.

At some extent, GENESIS merges benefits of classical real estate funds and crowdfunding platforms. But participation in GENESIS is much easier and more comfortable in comparison to classical funds and exceeds crowdfunding platforms in functionality.

About the platform

GENESIS platform is a base of the company’s business model. It will develop and offer its users more and more new functions and investment products. Founders consider it as their future.

Platform helps investors to be in contact with the fund and manage their assets, in the way exchange traders buy and sell securities through electronic trading platforms.

User’s profile lets each investor see, what property the fund owns at the moment, and what is the price, location, square and view of each building. Participants themselves can offer the company’s experts any object for future investments. And each participant can increase or decrease his share in the project, buying or selling tokens through the platform at any moment.

Dry numbers. Investors’ interest

12-25% per annum with guaranteed buy back at nominal price

Special projects bring up to 75% per annum

Token market price growth — 300-750%

Revenue from commercial use of real estate property is the main source of income in GENESIS fund. It gives investors stable and guaranteed 12-25% annual.

The fund deals only with commercial real estate: business and trade centers. Lease rates are significantly higher in this segment than in residential. Thanks to long-term lease contracts, signed with corporate tenants, the level of income stability and predictability increases.

The fund’s property doesn’t locate in one world region, and it provides safety of investments. Such diversification decreases risk and protects investors from losses.

Finally, in case investor decides to quit the project, GENESIS will buy back his tokens at nominal price. So, stability and safety of basic income in GENESIS can be compared to bank deposit. But deposit interest rate is not more than 2-3% per annum in Europe. Compare it with at least 12% in GENESIS.

It’s impossible to have negative interest rate with GENESIS

But this project wouldn’t be so interesting if its profit came only to steady income from lease. Participation in development projects gives additional 25-75% per annum. This rate can be achieved only with such instruments as UITs and stock trading. But while dealing with these investment instruments one should be ready not only for profit, but also for losses. In GENESIS losses are simply out of question.

As we already mentioned before, GENESIS is a kind of union between real sector of economy and new digital technologies. And it gives investors one more benefit. Financial forecast promises GEN token growth up to 3-7 times within 6-9 months since it’s listed on world cryptocurrency exchanges. It means, that if one bought tokens at nominal price at token sale and sold them at market price in half a year, he may gain one-time revenue of 300-750%.

At the same time, GEN token doesn’t suffer from market price slumps, because its value is provided by the company’s assets and is not connected to rates of cryptocurrecies exchange.

Items of high revenue: the right choice of each item + effective management

One can count on high and stable return from real estate deals only if investment items are properly chosen and competently managed. GENESIS’s investment strategy supposes deals only with projects, which are run by well-known developers, and forbids investment in risky distressed projects connected with illiquid items and developers’ fraud. Pre-purchase inspection of each building is an obligatory condition, which helps to make right decisions and successful business deals.

GENESIS founders have been investing in world real estate for more than a decade and gained immense experience in owning and managing real estate property.

Alexander Bystrov is the youngest among the chiefs of GENESIS project. He founded a construction company in 2008 and administered it till 2016. Alexander’s firm took part in construction of St.Petersburg stadium, a unique complex of flood protection facilities (the dam) in Saint-Petersburg and infrastructure objects during preparations for Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. He owns 2 restaurants in Spain and commercial buildings in Germany and Russia. Alexander is responsible for international cooperation and special projects in GENESIS. He is also in charge of marketing and PR department there.

Vitaly Shashkov has 20 years of successful investment activity and real estate management. He owns office and retail spaces in Russia and Spain. Vitaly was a board member in Saint-Petersburg commercial bank, several years worked as an adviser on legal matters to general director and served as head of legal and audit department in SUE “Saint-Petersburg Fuel and Energy Complex”. Besides real estate Vitaly has been owning a range of legal and audit institutions for 15 years. One of his audit companies won and now bears an honorable title “The Best Audit Saint-Petersburg Institution in Housing and Public Sphere”. He’s been the owner of several companies in fisheries sphere for 20 years as well. Vitaly knows where to invest in order to gain maximum revenue. For this reason, he is responsible for strategy of investment and financial development in GENESIS company.

Dmitry Navoznikov was a head of commercial and corporate law department in one of the largest Russian consulting companies, the Institute for Enterprise Issues in Saint-Petersburg. He was a consultant for legal matters in RAO UES (Unified Energy System of Russia), coordinated the running of joint projects with PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG. Earlier Dmitry managed projects for RAO UES, Gazprom, RAO Russian Railways, PJSC SIBUR Holding and a number of other Russian largest holdings. As Dmitry perfectly understands legal issues and can manage large projects, he is in charge of GENESIS development strategy and general administration. Dmitry Navoznikov is CEO and head of legal department in GENESIS.

Founders consolidated their experience and efforts in GENESIS project. And members of their international team help them. Their team includes business development specialist from Germany, who has been working in cryptocurrency sphere for several years, real estate experts from Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain, and brilliant software developers from Russia.

In fine, this project has all the essentials for gaining leading positions in competitive environment. Yet, several more years will pass, before we may enjoy all amenities of digital economy. But we may watch the first steps, made by pioneer companies in this direction right now. In conclusion, we’ll add that the idea about new environment of investment capabilities looks even more attractive, when the price of entering drops to 1 .

More detailed information about GENESIS can be found on the website of the company www.genesisfound.io