Dogecoin Direly Needs a New Lead Developer

Although most cryptocurrency enthusiasts consider Dogecoin to be a joke, the cryptocurrency has certainly made its mark over the years. Unfortunately, it seems there is very little interest from developers in doing something with this project in its current state. The Dogecoin community, on the other hand, is looking for a new developer or team of developers to take over. The big question is whether or not any major interest will be garnered in this regard.

What Does the Future Hold for Dogecoin?

Although Dogecoin has been around for quite some time now, this altcoin never amounted to much. More specifically, it never even got close to becoming a top 10 cryptocurrency, mainly because most people never took this concept seriously. This isn’t a big surprise, mind you, as Dogecoin has always been the “meme” of cryptocurrency in every possible way. It is also how the original creator seemingly portrayed this project.

At the same time, we all have to acknowledge that Dogecoin made some things happen which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It wasn’t Bitcoin or Litecoin which sponsored a NASCAR driver or sent the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics. That was all Dogecoin and its strong community of enthusiasts and generous individuals. All of that is well behind us now, though, and not much has come of Dogecoin ever since.

In fact, there has been little to no development of the Dogecoin ecosystem as we know it. Things have remained at a standstill for quite some time now. While there is no point in fixing something that isn’t broken, one would expect a bit more activity in this regard. Unfortunately, Dogecoin seemingly has no lead developer at this point in time. This situation has to change if the altcoin wants to succeed, although it remains to be seen if anyone will step up to the plate.

As a result, we’re seeing a public outreach by the Dogecoin community to anyone who wants to help maintain and perhaps improve this project. Although the community has done everything they can to keep things alive, there is a shortage of code contributors right now. A competent developer or team of developers is direly needed to restore Dogecoin to its former glory. Whether or not anyone can even do so remains to be seen.

It is rather commendable to see the Dogecoin community ask for help when they need it the most. Although Dogecoin is still around and has a pretty solid market cap, there are some things about this currency that could use some changes. The high emission scheme of this currency, for example, has been rather problematic from day one. It is evident inflation is perhaps the biggest thing to address first and foremost, even though there are so many DOGE in circulation already that it might not even matter at this point.

Whether or not anyone will take over the role of lead Dogecoin developer remains to be seen. It is a job no one will get paid for other than in the form of donations, but it would be a shame to see such an iconic project disappear due to a lack of interest. A lot of us grew up in the cryptocurrency world before Dogecoin was released, and it has become as much of a trend in this industry as any other coin.