Top 3 Most Recent Dogecoin Projects

With all of the recent drama surrounding darknet sites being shut down, rumors of exchange insolvencies, and the Bitcoin Cash fork, I thought it would be nice if we took a quick respite and had some fun. Let’s explore some of the top recent Dogecoin projects mentioned on Reddit.

Dogecoin has a long and storied past filled with fundraising and great projects. They have supported the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, sponsored a NASCAR driver, and provided water to the needy. As it turns out, its philanthropic nature is still alive and well.

3. Dogecoin Socks for The Homeless

Socks are one of the most under-donated clothing items to homeless people. When we have relatively comfortable lives, we often take socks for granted. The Dogecoin community realized this and decided to do something about it: it founded Dogecoin Socks for the Homeless. The project requests Dogecoin donations from community members which it then uses to purchase cheap but good quality socks to distribute to the homeless.

Dogecoin Socks for the Homeless made a video of its distribution, in which supporters wore Dogecoin apparel and talked up Dogecoin to anyone who would listen. It is this kind of good publicity that helps grow community, and these acts of kindness that nurture the human soul.

2. Dogecoin Milk for Everyone

Another rather successful philanthropic endeavor the Dogecoin community developed and sponsored was Dogecoin Milk for Everyone. This project purchases liters of milk using community donations and then distributes that milk in Brazilian homeless shelters. Brazil has a large homeless community, and milk is a commodity that can be hard to come by. To date, the project has donated 244 liters of milk to Brazilians. Luckily for this project, the price of Doge absolutely skyrocketed soon after its first couple rounds of donations. This means that they were able to purchase more milk — and help more people — than originally anticipated. The project is ongoing and its coordinator provides frequent updates on the project and its next moves on the Dogecoin subreddit.

Check out the video of the most recent distribution efforts. Like Dogecoin Socks for the Homeless, Dogecoin Milk for Everyone volunteers wear Dogecoin apparel when distributing milk to promote the coin and community.

1. Dogecoin Early Sock Offering

It seems like even Dogecoin is jumping on the ICO wagon in its own way with an ESO, or early sock offering. While this project may not share the same level of philanthropic worth as the other two mentioned, I believe it is a fun demonstration of the community. This project allows shibes (users) to purchase socks with a Dogecoin pattern at a lower price than retail. Somehow Dogecoin finds a way to make everything it touches more fun. ICOs are hot right now, so why not have fun with that by having an ESO? This is classic Dogecoin.


Hopefully this fun article provided a nice rest from the current hectic world of cryptocurrency. If there are any other fun Dogecoin projects — or those involving other coins — you would like to know more about, let us know!