Denaro Platform: Bringing Liquidity to the Crypto Market

The crypto-fiat conversion conundrum has been a consistent problem when it comes to the worldwide appeal of the new nexus of currency. This doesn’t mean that cryptocurrencies are any less legitimate than their fiat counterparts but it reflects the fact that certain roadblocks continue to hamper the universal application of these virtual currencies.

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For example, if a user has some Dogecoin, it can be very difficult to convert directly to fiat and then withdraw as much as he likes. He will most probability have to convert it to Bitcoin and then sell the Bitcoins, creating an unnecessary second-step. The same holds true for fiat currencies too, as many of them are directly linked with the US Dollar. It holds much more importance for cryptocurrencies as speed and utility is what they are all about. Platforms are now stepping up to fill this sizeable void in the crypto market.

Denaro, a new crypto-fiat wallet and worldwide crypto-debit card is aiming to make things easier and straightforward for coin holders around the world. Its pre-sale has already reached the target and the main Token Generation Event is going to make place in the near future. Denaro is simply a multi-currency wallet and debit card with a global application.

What Does Denaro Bring to the Table?

The groundbreaking platform allows a user to access, spend, send and receive cryptocurrencies using a digital wallet and a physical debit card. Users can load their cards with the help of BTC, ETH or the native coin, DNO, and then freely convert between the currency of their choosing. Merchants will then be able to accept the payments made by Denaro platform through payment terminals and a host of innovative API and SCI functions.

The main goal of Denaro is to bridge the wide gap between the conventional and crypto markets around the world. They want to make it as easy and straightforward as using a regular debit card and not worrying about calculations all the time. The Denaro cards and wallet will have a high degree of liquidity and it has been designed keeping the demands of merchants including a free payment terminal for them.

Denaro’s blockchain-based smart secure gateway will allow storage and payment of cryptocurrencies to be secure and done through P2P channels rather than storing anything on the platform itself.

Native Token “DNO” and Referral System

The native DNO tokens will power all settlements that take place in the Denaro network. They include a wide range of functions like discounts, bonuses and premium services.

Denaro is attracting attention in the crypto world due to its lucrative bonus-and-commission system that rewards early backers to get 3% of the purchases made by their referrals. This could amount to some serious money if users manage to refer a lot of people.

Denaro Token Generation Event (TGE)

The pre-TGE has already ended but the main crowdfunding round has started from 9 February 2018. They accept BTC, ETH, LTC and even fiat currencies based on ePay’s fiat payment gateway. Details are as follows:

Token Name: DNO

Total Supply: 100,000,000  

Price: 3000 DNO/ETH or equivalent

Hard Cap: 65,000,000

The Main Sale bonus system consists of a 25% bonus for the first 15 million tokens sold, 10% for the following 20 million tokens sold, and 5% for the next 25 million tokens sold.

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