Decentralized Video Sharing Platform Viuly Announces Token Listing on OKEx Exchange

Decentralization is occurring in almost every other online service industry. We have new startups for decentralized music platforms, decentralized data verification and now decentralized video sharing platforms are also in the limelight. The idea is to move away from the centralized server-based model in the world right now that is employed by Youtube, Vimeo and other online video platforms.

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While the idea itself and the extent of decentralization has always been a major talking point, several different models of platforms are emerging. Viuly is one of them and rather than just promising futuristic progress just for the sake of its’ token offering, Viuly seems to be delivering something holistic.

Viuly’s Aidrop Campaign

Viuly’s long term commitment involves engaging the larger cryptocurrency spectrum in its’ development efforts. It was for this reason that instead of an instant-cash based approach like a Token Sale, Viuly instead airdropped most of its tokens directly to Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets. The more Ethereum or Bitcoin users had, the more coins they were likely to get, subject to an an upper cap.

With this airdrop, more than 458 million VIU tokens were airdropped to 1 million Ethereum users and more for bitcoin. The platform connected to the Ethereum Mainnet a month ago and with the listing on the OKEx, token holders can now trade in VIU tokens directly.

Over 250,000 users have already registered on the network after the airdrop and are now using the innovative platform for buying advertisement credit or for simply watching videos. It is often said that the once the token is listed on one exchange, the rest of the exchanges soon follow.

Viuly Tokens Commence Trading on OKEx Exchange

One of the biggest challenges of any new token-based platform is to get registered on an online exchange for trading purposes as it reaffirms its’ status in the crypto community. Viuly is now being traded on OKEx and anyone can sign up for buying/selling in the coin.

The token is now listed on two other major exchanges including Bit-Z, and EtherDelta. It is expected that within some time, the token will be available for trading on almost all major crypto exchanges around the world. Currently, it is available for trading in both Ethereum and Bitcoin trading pairs. The currency is already trading in multi-million ranges per day on these exchanges and we can expect bigger and better things as the platform matures and improves.

ETH Holders can Claim VIU tokens

Many ETH users might not be aware that they are eligible for useful new VIU tokens that are programmed into the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 token structure. If a user had maintained a balance of mere 0.01 ETH in his wallet at the time of the airdrop campaign around November 5, 2017, He is most likely to have received the VIU tokens.

If a users’ Ethereum was in an exchange, they can contact the exchange support regarding the airdropped tokens. All Viuly token holders can participate in the online video sharing platform regardless of the amount accumulated and help make it better.

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