Decentralized Islamic Bank Hada DBank Lands First Corporate Client

Blockchain-based Islamic banking pioneer Hada DBank is working to appeal to the 1.3 billion customers of Islamic banking around the world particularly common in the Middle East, East Asia and North African regions. The bank offers transparency, crowdfunding, interest-free solutions centered on investment and equitable distribution of resources among token holders in accordance with the principles of Islamic Banking.

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The Blockchain bank has successfully completed the first major milestone of landing a corporate client in the shape of Uberstate. As part of the deal Uberstate will become Hada DBank’s first corporate client and will purchase $1 million worth of HADA tokens. Both the startups will look to support each other to make a sustainable crypto-economy possible.


UberState is a revolutionary platform for real estate investment and development by providing an opportunity for fractional ownership of big assets and businesses in the sector, something that has proved very difficult in the current models prevalent in the industry.

Most of the value of the native token is backed by real estate assets and the token can be exchanged for goods and services around the world.

The flagship product of Uberstate is a 100% automated investment platform that allows large-scale direct investment into big real estate projects, commercial development with the help of Blockchain securities tokens that are registered with the governments as such. Uberstate themselves are going to launch their token sale and dates are going to be announced in the near future.

The Partnership

The partnership opens a new door of cooperation between the two Blockchain companies. Both parties will get to benefit from each other’s platforms. Hada DBank got its first client and Uberstate got its first funding source for the megaprojects it aims to build.

Mr. Hisyam M, the CEO of Hada DBank said that the company are ecstatic on the purchase of HADACoin and to forge a partnership with Uberstate by having them as their corporate client. He stated that this was a mark of confidence on the Banking project.

Hisyam believes that to have two blockchain-based projects working together is the true meaning of blockchain economy that represents one of the spirits of blockchain in general, sharing economy.

The company are looking forward to work with Uberstate in servicing their clients in the nearest future and to forge more partnerships with not just blockchain-based but also common entities in our effort to introduce HADA DBank Banking products and services to the mass market.

Hada DBank Token Generation Event

HADA tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Hada DBank platform. The rate for the token generation event is set at 1,500 HADA for 1 ETH but the first 1 million participants will be priced at 3,000 HADA for 1 ETH. The soft cap is set at 5,000 ETH and the hard cap is set at 30,000 ETH. Learn more on the Hada DBank website