Decentral Bitcoin ATM in Toronto Now Open 12 Hours Per Day

One of the biggest drawbacks regarding Bitcoin ATMs is how these devices are more often than not only accessible during certain business hours. Anyone looking to buy or sell Bitcoin other than during that time is left in the cold. The Bitcoin ATM in Toronto, operated by Decentral, will be open late throughout all of 2016. Only time will tell if this move will put Bitcoin on the map in Canada.

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Decentral Bitcoin ATM in Toronto

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Toronto is one of the very few cities around the world where Bitcoin ATMs seem to be popping up left, right, and center. With no less than twelve different Bitcoin ATMs to choose from, competition is fierce in this part of Canada. However, obtaining Bitcoin from any of these machines can be a bit of a struggle, depending on what time of day it is.

Most of the ATMs dispensing Bitcoin around the world are located indoors, to keep them safe from theft or abuse. At the same time, there is almost no location in the world where people can enter on a 24/7 basis, which only makes sense from a security point of view. Decentral is has decided to make the ATM located inside their office building available late all year long.

It has to be said; the company has taken the necessary safety precautions before making this decision. By installing a glass pane separating the Bitcoin ATM from the working space, people can freely buy or sell Bitcoin without getting into the Decentral offices. By extending the accessibility hours, this BTM can be used between 9 Am and 9 PM every day, throughout all of 2016.

These new opening hours will be of great value to anyone with a regular 9-to-5 job, or for students who are attending school or university. Whether or not many people will decide to use this Bitcoin ATM after 5 PM remains to be seen, though, but it is an interesting move to say the least.

Expanding the Decentral Bitcoin ATM Network

TheMerkle_Bitcoin ATM Expansion

It is important to keep in mind Decentral staff will not be present during the extended hours, but if assistance is direly needed, customers can make use of the WiFi-equipped Ring doorbell. For novice users, this will be of great value if they ever require assistance with buying or selling Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Decentral is planning to expand their Bitcoin ATM network in Toronto, by installing more machines over time. No official locations have been announced just yet, but more information will be posted on the Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts in the future.

Source: Decentral

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