DataBroker DAO Makes Changes to Token Sale and Focuses on China

The launch of the token sale for Databroker DAO not only represented an opportunity for community members to get early access to the platform, but it was also a time where the platform itself underwent positive changes.

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Changes included platform developments and additional new features being introduced, as well as big tweaks to how the token sale will be conducted.

Instead of Burning, Databroker Gives Extra Coins to Community

One of the changes includes an answer to the community: questions of unpurchased DTX tokens being burned (ie: destroyed) arose. The project decided the fairest way would be to distribute them to the community.

Distribution of the coins is achieved by giving all participants, past and present, an extra token for each unit purchased. This effectively increases the rate from 1 ETH per 4000 to 1 ETH per 8000 tokens.

The bonus tokens are subject to a lockup period, however. This delayed release should prevent any massive token selloffs, and help with organic adoption. Trading on the CoinFalcon exchange has been pushed off until after the extended period as well.

Databroker DAO Begins New Efforts to Enter Chinese Market

The other major change to the platform is a new focus on the Chinese market. Pivoting towards Asian markets was made in light of new data that values the Chinese IoT market at CNY 500 billion ($80 billion). This figure is expected to double by 2020, giving more reason for the IoT platform to act now.

The team will be travelling for two weeks within Chinese borders. During their time in the country, they will visit Beijing and Shanghai with another two unnamed cities being considered as well. The purpose of the trip is to introduce the platform to Chinese markets, which will help achieve the 108 million DTX sale target.

DTX purchases with stakeholder contracts from Chinese markets interested in monetizing data are invited to make themselves known to the team members heading for China. Messages can be sent via DM on the Telegram channel.

Platform Developments To Go Live Soon

New updates will allow data purchasers to make money by selling processed datasets. This includes AI, BigData, and aggregation enriched data. This additional monetization option is expected to make waves via a DApp (distributed application). Changes are expected to go into effect early June 2018.

Lastly, the team is in talk with third party experts to finalize release contracts. They are also helping the platform with a bridge that will connect the DTX token with Ethereum’s mainnet as well as a Parity based proof of authority network that will run within the DApp.

For more information regarding Databroker DAO or to participate in the token sale, visit their website. While you’re there, make sure to check out their whitepaper. Databroker DAO has a large social media presence, interacting with community members on BItcointalk, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Users can also follow the progress of the project through updates posted on GitHub or blog posts made on Medium.