Dash Experiences a Surge in Price

Digital Cash, also known as DASH, is one of the various cryptocurrencies in existence. It’s the third most valuable one, with a marketcap of $ 61,343,050 (the 7th biggest in crypto) and it boasts features like Darksend and InstantX, which were pioneered by Dash.

The privacy driven cryptocurrency –rebranded from Darkcoin–, has reached the $9 mark during the last week, which is the highest the cryptocurrency has been since 2014. So, what’s driving Dash upwards, after a long slumber? Let’s find out.

Price data by CryptoCompare

Price data by CryptoCompare

Mycelium Partnership

Dash has recently announced a partnership with Mycelium Wallets, one of the best-known wallet providers in the crypto scene. Users will be able to send, receive and store Dash in Mycelium wallets, for starters. The integration of Dash is set to happen in October.

Dash Roadmap

The 2016 roadmap was announced in February, and it focuses on improving the features originally brought into the cryptocurrency scene by Dash, such as InstantX and DarkSend, which allow faster and anonymous payments. Digital Cash also wants to expand their reach to the Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese communities by making it easier to acquire Dash with fiat currencies.

Dash has also shown their prototype demo for Dash Evolution, which will make sending and receiving Dash much easier with features like aliases, payment descriptions, “Pay with Dash” buttons, social systems and more. Making Cryptocurrencies user-friendly is a very important step in making them used and accepted worldwide, and that is exactly what Dash is trying to do.

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