Customers Unable To Pay With Bitcoin on Website

There is a thread circulating on Reddit where a user complained he is not able to pay with Bitcoin on the website. As these payments are processed by Coinbase, the question becomes which party is responsible for the bug,  and who will be responsible for solving the issue. Coinbase has opened a support ticket on their Community forums in the meantime.

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Unable To Pay With Bitcoin on Dell.comTheMerkle_Dell

According to the Reddit user, checking out with Bitcoin on the website is not currently possible. All signs are pointing to a bug in the Coinbase-supported checkout system, and as a result the company is looking into the matter. However, phoning Dell support to address this issue is not an ideal option, as their representatives apparently still have no clue what Bitcoin is.

Identifying the exact reason for this issue is all but impossible at the moment. The user report mentions how, once the payment page has loaded and the “Pay with Bitcoin” button has been clicked, there is no redirection to the Coinbase website. Instead; a Dell page pops up, asking to “Verify and Submit Order”, where the process gets stuck.

After verifying this issue for ourselves, we can indeed confirm that the Dell checkout page is stuck at the “Verify and Submit order” stage, where the website keeps redirecting to. There is never a redirect to Coinbase itself, and completing the checkout process is impossible at this stage.

By the look of things, this issue might be on Dell’s end as well, unless there is an unknown error with the Coinbase API for some reason. Customers can only hope to see the matter resolved as soon as possible, and we at The Merkle will keep monitoring the situation as more information becomes available.

The latest information can be found on the Coinbase Community forum as well.

Source: Reddit

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