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Crypviser’s ICO Coming to an End, The Results Are In

A rather exciting project called Crypviser has its ICO -of its token CVCoin- coming to a close very soon. In fact, as of writing this article, there are only about one and a half to two days left. So then the results are almost entirely in, how did the Crypviser project fare?

The Numbers

Right off the bat it is pretty clear that there is a lot of faith in this project. Not all projects and ICOs raise well north of $2.5 Million. They raised almost 2000 Ether, 502 Bitcoin, and 323 TIME. This is astounding and a strong vote of confidence from its investors.

These results are not just the work of a few whales looking to invest in new projects either. They have over 6000 investors who have participated in the ICO and who are awaiting the social and business communications platform that Crypviser promises.

Why all the confidence?

Well, the project itself is offering a unique but much needed solution for many individuals and businesses. They are developing and releasing a well encrypted bundle solution to many social and business communications problems.

CVCoin uses Blockchain technology to verify and maintain the integrity of their network. This is a trend we will likely see many other businesses begin to adopt in the near future, but Crypviser will be first to market with it. This usually means they will hold experience driven insight alongside their theoretical insights.

Moreover, their encryption protocols appear to be stellar. Even with new laws being passed by governments which would allow legal probing into encryption messages and platforms, they are confident that their platform will remain resistant to such prying efforts.

Last but not least, Crypviser will offer choices that many others do not. Video, voice, and text chat will all receive the same level of encryption. They also have local storage encryption so that files will be protected against malware that may have compromised a device or any physical damage to a device. Files are just as safe as conversations it would appear.

Finally, it also will act as a peer to peer payments platform. This is an easy way for both individuals and businesses to settle debts with others quickly and securely.

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New Partners

The ICO results and mission outlined in their Whitepaper have not gone unnoticed. Recently, Crypviser has partnered with Chronobank.

An immediate benefit to this partnership allowed for ICO investors to buy in with Chronobank’s token TIME. TIME tokens will also be an option for in app payments, along with Crypviser’s native token CVCoin.

The Chronobank and Crypviser participants will receive early access to the messenger app and will also have the opportunity to partake in the bug bounty program. This partnership will encourage development of both of these projects as they move forward.

Crypviser project and ICO:

Crypviser Whitepaper:

Press release on Chronobank and Crypviser Partnership:

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