Cryptocurrency Wallets for Children Are a New Market Ready to Be Explored

The world of finance as we know it is changing, which could have some unexpected consequences. Now is a good time to evaluate whether young children need a piggy bank or a cryptocurrency wallet. It seems the latter option is growing more popular, although it is far from a mainstream trend.

The Cryptocurrency Wallet for Children

It is anything but easy to introduce new adults to cryptocurrency in this day and age. Starting a conversation about Bitcoin or altcoins is not all that easy, even though it certainly has a lot of potential. At the same time, one has to admit this is by far one of the most intriguing financial topics as of right now. It is even a somewhat hot topic among children and young adults.

More specifically, there is growing interest in making cryptocurrencies more accessible to children. This does not mean underage individuals will have an easier time buying Bitcoin and altcoins, but giving them a cryptocurrency wallet at an early stage can certainly introduce some positive changes along the way. Starting a meaningful conversation will always remain a bit difficult, however.

Pigzbe, a relatively new startup, claims to have the answer to this problem. More specifically, they’re targeting children with their family-friendly cryptocurrency which lets anyone collect tokens. It teaches children about the principles of cryptocurrencies and other forms of money, while giving families the chance to become microfinance networks of their own.

Although this particular company doesn’t pay much attention to existing cryptocurrencies, the concept still holds a lot of merit. Parents can directly reward children with the “21st-century version of money” and help them practice proper financial habits. The Wollo token is the native currency of this ecosystem, yet it’s probably a matter of time until we see a Bitcoin-based version as well.

It is evident ventures like these can be very successful in the long run. Bringing cryptocurrency to the masses will not be easy, but involving parents and their children is definitely the right way to go. If a similar venture were ever created for Bitcoin or any of the top altcoins, interesting things would be bound to happen. 

This will certainly bring a lot of interesting changes to the world of cryptocurrency and finance. There is a growing demand for cryptocurrency as of right now, and even children are not immune to this paradigm shift. While it remains to be seen if Wollo will ever gain any traction, there is no denying that Bitcoin and Ethereum will succeed in the long run.