Doctors Aiding With the Coronavirus Crisis in Venezuela Will Each Receive 1 Petro

Venezuela President Maduro has an interesting opinion on how cryptocurrencies will work exactly. In fact, he is trying to bring more positive attention to the Petro by airdropping some to doctors helping out with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Petro remains a very controversial cryptocurrency project.

Petro Airdrop Won’t Make Much Difference

Its value is seemingly non-existent, as are its potential use cases.

Moreover, this asset is allegedly backed by Venezuela’s oil reserves, although there is some uncertainty regarding that aspect too.

In a new turn of events, President Maduro announced something related to the Petro.

More specifically, he wants to support Venezuela’s medical staff during the coronavirus crisis.

A worthwhile effort, albeit using the Petro to reward doctors and medical personnel isn’t necessarily the best option.

To this date, it remains unclear what purpose this currency has exactly.

Every doctor in the country will receive 1 Petro, of which its actual value remains unknown.

All tokens will be airdropped through the Patria system.

That platform allows Venezuela to bypass banks altogether and issue tokens to recipients directly. 

As such, one has to wonder is this will affect the public’s opinion on Petro or Venezuela in any way.

It will certainly not solve the country’s bigger problems by any means.