Coronavirus Disrupts Bitcoin Mining Supply Chains, BTC Price Drops are a Bigger Concern

The global impact of the coronavirus crisis should never be underestimated. Even in the Bitcoin mining industry, there are some shockwaves, albeit not everyone is affected in the same manner.

A very interesting set of events has taken place in recent weeks.

Bitcoin Mining is Still in a Good Place

First of all, there is the global coronavirus pandemic, creating massive havoc.

Secondly, there was the major Bitcoin price drop which still can’t be explained today.

It seems as if Bitcoin mining firms have not been affected by the coronavirus all that much.

Some larger operations will need to keep their staff at home, but overall operations remain the same.

What is rather worrisome is how the Bitcoin price drop is a much bigger problem.

In fact, that sudden sharp decrease in value has made life a bit more difficult for some operators.

At the same time, there is some minimal disruption due to COVID-19 as well.

Supply chains for newer machines are not operating as expected or hoped.

With the Bitcoin block reward halving coming up, the consequences can be pretty interesting, all things considered.

It remains to be seen if that event will increase or decrease the global interest in Bitcoin mining.

Most industry experts hope for an increase, albeit nothing is ever guaranteed in this space.