Italy’s Leading New Agency Taps Blockchain to Track Coronavirus News Sources

Blockchain technology has always been a powerful concept that needs to be explored further. It now appears that ANSA, Italy’s leading news agency, wants to use blockchain to prevent the spreading of fake coronavirus news.

There are many potential use cases for blockchain technology today.

Blockchain Solutions During the Coronavirus Crisis

Exploring opportunities in the media industry is very interesting, for many reasons.

It is an industry that has suffered from an influx of fake and incorrect news over the decades.

ANSA, the leading news agency in Italy, wants to explore something new entirely.

Their goal is to use a news tracking system based on the blockchain to ensure sources are reliable.

This new solution, dubbed ANSAcheck, is built with the help of EY Advisory S.p.A.

By leveraging the blockchain, readers can check the sources of news appearing on ANSA platforms.

This primarily pertains to coronavirus news at this time.

For the leading Italian news agency to take this particular approach is very interesting, for multiple reasons.

It shows that even these types of agencies feel now is the time to introduce major changes.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading further, reliable news is of the utmost importance.

If this project proves to be successful on a large scale, other media agencies around the world may embrace  a similar solution moving forward.