Connecticut Lawmakers Contemplate Legalizing Weaponized Drones

Drones are of great importance in the technology sector moving forward. The number of use cases for these devices is virtually limitless, albeit not everyone wants to use drones for the greater good. In the state of Connecticut, lawmakers propose to use drones outfitted with deadly weapons. This train of thought can set a very dangerous precedent for the rest of the world, assuming it ever gets approved.

Weaponized Drones Pose Significant Risks

It is remarkable to learn Connecticut lawmakers are contemplating to equip drones with deadly weapons. While these flying machines will only be used by the police, the whole concept is met with a lot of criticism. Additionally, this bill would effectively ban the use of weaponized drones, unless they are used by law enforcement agencies. An interesting decision, yet civil rights advocates don’t see any positive side in all of this.

It has to be said, this proposal will require some new regulation to be drafted as to how police officials can use these drones. Having flying craft with deadly weapons only invites nefarious behavior. When weaponized tools like these are used by the police, illicit actors will try to get their hands on this equipment as well. Moreover, if drones were to get hacked, who knows what kind of mayhem would ensue.

Moreover, specific boundaries have to be set a stop when weaponized drones can be used by the police. Giving them “carte blanche” is not a viable strategy by any means. Moreover, there has been a lot of controversy regarding police officers using deadly weapons during their normal duties over the past few years. Several incidents have made media headlines due to the unsolicited deadly force used by police. Using drones to carry out these tasks will only make matters worse.

That being said, there will always be some use cases where weaponized drones could be advantageous. Putting the lives of police officers on the line in situations that could be resolved with weaponized drones will always be a contested decision. A rogue shooter, for example, can be taken out with a drone, rather than sending in half a dozen police troops. Then again, misuse of this technology will need to be nipped in the bud at an early stage.

Interestingly enough, Connecticut would not be the first state to allow for weaponized drones. North Dakota is the only place in the US where this technology is legal to use by the police. However, the drones can only be equipped with less lethal weapons, including stun guns, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Connecticut lawmakers want to take this principle one step further, although it remains unclear what type of deadly weapons will be utilized.

There is always a trade-off between the benefits and disadvantages of using drones with deadly weapons. It is a very dangerous precedent, to say the least. If other US states were to adopt a similar legislative model, things can get out of hands relatively quickly. Weaponized drones in urban areas is never the answer to solving problems, that much is certain.

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