4 Companies You Didn’t Know That are Experimenting with Drones

Drones are becoming all the interest in the corporate sector as of late. It is not surprising to learn quite a few prominent enterprises make use of this technology already. In fact, it is expected the number of commercially used drones will only increase as time progresses. Below are a few companies using commercial drones, albeit very few people seem to be aware of this development.

4. Walmart

While most people know Amazon is experimenting with drones for delivering goods to customers, they are not the only major retailer to do so. Walmart has applied for a license to fly drones in the US late last year, albeit that license has not been granted yet. It is unclear how Walmart plans to use drones exactly, albeit it is expected same-day delivery will be on the priority list moving forward.

3. Balfour Beatty

If the name Balfour Beatty does not ring a bell to you, rest assured that is somewhat normal. The company is planning to use drones as a visualization tool, a project made possible with the help of 3D modeling. Balfour Beatty is active in the construction sector and aims to use drones to visualize the impact of their work on existing projects. Look at it as a “before and after” kind of visual input, if you will.

Giving clients the best visualization of what they can expect Balfour Beatty to do is quite an intriguing development. The company is looking well beyond this aspect, though, as CIO Danny Reeves hinted at building powerful drones that can be used to construct walls and increase the workers’ safety in the process. Whether or not this technology will ever come to fruition, remains unknown.

2. EasyJet

A company active in the travel and airplane industry will have a knack for drones. EasyJet is looking to provide the world’s first HD see-through display system to determine aircraft damage. This unmanned safety inspector, as the company likes to call it, was first trialed successfully in 2014. Aircraft inspection is a precarious business and a sector where drones can make a big impact over the next few years. Combining drones with computer vision can provide accurate data for engineers and maintenance staff.

1. Just Eat

Most people in Europe will have heard of the Just Eat food delivery service, which is a part of the global Takeaway.com platform. Just Eat has been experimenting with drones for some time now, as they may help speed up food delivery. Thanks to a partnership with Starship Technologies, a fleet of autonomous drones will be rolled out across the UK in the near future. Depending on how successful this trial is, it may come to the rest of the world as well.

Using drones would provide both restaurants and customers with more flexibility. Right now, food delivery can take up to 45 minutes, whereas using a drone would reduce that time by up to 50%. Ordering food online and having it delivered by a drone may become a reality sooner than most people would think.

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