Comparing Highly Scalable, Decentralized Projects MultiversX And Tradecurve, Which Altcoin Has The Brighter Future?

As regulation starts to impact many of the crypto markets’ centralized projects, the demand for centralized alternatives is higher than ever. Two projects that have shown great potential are MultiversX and Tradecurve, which are expected to rally in Q3.

MultiversX has already performed well over the past week, while Tradecurve hit a new all-time high in June. But which has more potential?

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MultiversX Starts July With A Price Rally 

MultiversX has started Q3 strong, increasing in price from $33.46 to $35.66 in just four days. While it’s hard to determine what triggered this rally, many experts believe Bitcoin’s recent price increase could have had a big impact.

This price increase has caused MultiversX’s daily trading volume to increase to $18 million on the 1st of July, a sign that MultiversX may be on track for a bull rally.

Given its long term potential, many investors are excited about the future of MultiversX. The developers claim that MultiversX can manage 15,000 transactions per second, with each transaction costing just $0.001.

This gives MultiversX a huge advantage over many DeFi projects and also means that MultiversX could be easier to adopt into everyday transactions. Currently, DeFi is held back by high transaction fees and low speeds. With MultiversX however, individuals would be able to make transactions in seconds for very little in fees.

As well as its great scalability MultiversX is also easy to purchase. EGLD tokens are available on most popular exchanges, including Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex, and BitMax, and can be purchased with both fiat and cryptocurrency.

However, as MultiversX has faced consistent price declines over the past year, not all investors are confident. Due to a lack of consistent returns, many investors have therefore chosen to purchase other projects to optimize their returns.

Stage 4 Of Tradecurves Presale Is 60% Sold Out

Tradecurve is one of the most exciting new decentralized projects and has quickly sold out during three presale stages. During this growth, Tradecurves TCRV token value has increased in price by 80%, and its latest presale stage has been its fastest selling since the presale started.

Tradecurve has analysts and investors excited due to its potential to change how investors trade cryptocurrency. It showcases a revolutionary hybrid exchange that will let investors trade traditional assets using crypto as collateral. This is the first and only exchange to offer such a solution.

The Tradecurve exchange is fully decentralized and never requires users to pass KYC or background checks. All trading can be completed with an external wallet, after which traders can disconnect, guaranteeing anonymous trading opportunities.

Furthermore, Tradecurve will also offer negative balance protection, high leverage starting at 500:1, and a metaverse trading academy for new investors who want to learn about trading.

Tradecurve tokens are in high demand and can be used for staking, voting, and discounts on subscriptions to copy trading and AI trading. It’s predicted that TCRV tokens will surge by 50x during the Tradecurve presale, and having already increased in value by 80% to $0.018, Tradecurve is looking like a more lucrative option for investors compared to MultiversX.

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