Community Efforts To Boost Bitcoin Education

One method to increase the number of people interested in the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies is through education and exchanging ideas. Either type of effort will heavily rely on community participation as we can’t expect industry experts to do all of the hard work. It is positive to see bitcoin community members take it upon themselves to engage others in meaningful discussions regarding digital currency.

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Becoming A Part of Bitcoin Education EffortsTheMerkle_Bitcoin Education BTC

Educating the masses on Bitcoin and digital currency is not a task that should be taken lightly. There are many consumers around the world who have no [clear] understanding of what bitcoin is, or how it is being used by others. Negative media attention on Bitcoin is not helping matters much either, unfortunately.

Enabling people to ask you any and all questions about Bitcoin is a major step in the right direction. Some people might argue that all of the Bitcoin information can be accessed online, and that is certainly true. But at the same time, digital currency is all about peer-to-peer interaction, and human interaction is a key element.

Rest assured, one will be answering the same types of questions on a regular basis. Explaining the why and how of Bitcoin will take up most of an evangelist’s time, as there are a lot of questions that need to be answered properly. However, there is no standard answer to these questions as every consumer has their needs and preferences to take into account. 

This is why it is important to engage in an open conversation with others as part of Bitcoin education efforts and get to know them a bit. Based on that information, the explanation on Bitcoin and other digital currencies will change from person to person. Sharing knowledge is a patient process, and standardized answers have no place when it comes to Bitcoin.

Becoming a mentor or evangelist in the Bitcoin education sector can be done in a variety of ways. Running a website with a contact form, engaging in Reddit conversations, or even approaching people on your own accord, are all valid options. Find what works best for you, and try to spread the word on Bitcoin to as many people as people.

Don’t Shy Away From Bitcoin’s HistoryTheMerkle_Bitcoin Education History

There is no denying most people will have heard of Bitcoin due to its colored past. Silk Road is something nearly everyone in the world has heard of by now, and its association with Bitcoin puts the digital currency in a negative spotlight. However, this was also an important part of Bitcoin history, as things have come a long way ever since.

Going on the defensive when educating people on Bitcoin is not the best practice. There is no need to shy away from events that transpired over the past six years of Bitcoin history, as we all learned valuable lessons along the way. Be patient, answer questions, and engage in meaningful conversations with your audience.

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