Collect Bitcoins Faucet Forces Users To Download Executable Software

It is not all that easy to run a Bitcoin faucet and make it stand out from the rest these days. Offering higher rewards will attract more visitors, but that business model might not be financially viable for extended periods of time. However, Collect Bitcoins is not taking a right approach either, as they want users to download a piece of software before they can start earning digital currency. Although it remains unknown as to whether or not this is a virus of some hidden crypto miner, chances are this “tool” is far less legitimate than Collect Bitcoins wants people to believe.

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Collect Bitcoins Should Not Be Trusted

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Any website telling users to download a random piece of software to start earning money is an immediate red flag for people who have been using the Internet for quite some time now. Especially if that website is a Bitcoin faucet, as these platforms are designed to give users fractional amounts of BTC for every visit.

Collect Bitcoins seems to be the exception to that rule, as they claim users can earn up to 0.3 Bitcoin per day by downloading their proprietary software. The reason for this rather high payout is due to the platform being paid royally by their advertisers, based on the number of website visitors and registered members. If this were to be the case, there is no clear need for downloading third party software.

Moreover, Collect Bitcoins wants users to come back every thirty minutes to make a new claim, which still does not explain the need to download the software listed on the website. According to the information posted in the Bitcointalk thread, this software is designed to remind users when the 30 minutes have passed, so they can visit the faucet and make another claim. It is very doubtful any user would need such a piece of software as it is not exactly hard to read a clock.

A more likely scenario seems to be how Collect Bitcoins is getting paid per software download, rather than just by advertisers on the platform. This would explain the need for new users to download the program before being eligible for their first payout. However, such download offerings should never be trusted, as the lack of transparency by Collect Bitcoins is not instilling any confidence at this stage.

Another plausible solution is how this software download is a virus that will either steal the Bitcoin wallet on one’s device or start a mining process in the background using up computer resources. Any Bitcoin faucet forcing users to download software should be avoided at all costs, and Collect Bitcoins does not appear to be a legitimate place to earn money at this stage.

Source: Bitcointalk

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