Coinality Lists J.P. Morgan Blockchain Job Opening

Some companies in the financial sector have been keeping an eye on Bitcoin and blockchain technology for quite some time now. J.P. Morgan is one of these companies, and they are starting to hire people from outside the realm of traditional financial to work on blockchain-based projects. Or to be more precise, this particular job opening is all about the Blockchain Center of Excellence, which sounds like a very attractive workplace for anyone excited about distributed ledger technology.

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Become Part of the J.P. Morgan Team

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Having the opportunity to work for one of the largest financial corporations in the world is an exciting prospects, especially when taking into account how they are rolling out their blockchain projects. Everyone in the world knows the name J.P. Morgan by now, as they are active in over 100 countries around the world.

The primary focus of the Blockchain Center of Excellence is to coordinate all activities focusing on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Additionally, J.P. Morgen wants to strike key partnerships with other companies looking to explore blockchain technology in the financial world, as well as leading blockchain companies.

Executing and overseeing both the internal and external use cases for testing and deploying blockchain-based solutions is an important aspect as well. The Coinality listing shows an impressive listing of what they expect from future employees applying for this position, and what type of qualifications are required.

Considering how applications will oversee the new blockchain products from the concept phase all the way through a finished project, some experience is required as well. However, there is an opportunity to be selected for the job regardless of location, as J.P. Morgan does not require Blockchain Center of Excellence staff members to be at the physical premises all the time. Employees living close – or willing to relocate – to Brooklyn, NY may have a slight advantage though.

Although there are no details as to what types of projects J.P. Morgan will be developing in the future, the job opening is quite interesting. Rather than looking for new Blockchain Center of Excellence team members through traditional means, reaching out to platforms such as Coinality seems to be the proper approach when looking for blockchain developers and enthusiasts.

Source: Coinality

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