Chimaera to Facilitate the Development of Decentralized Autonomous Universes

During the last few years, gaming technology has improved considerably, yet there’s been no actual revolution capable of completely changing and improving the gaming ecosystem. However, the introduction of Chimaera, a platform meant to allow game developers to build massive multiplayer online game worlds on top of the blockchain network, could change this.

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Chimaera’s main purpose is to have millions of players competing against one another in blockchain-based and decentralised virtual realities that run non-stop, and serverless. Apart from this, the platform’s second purpose is to allow the creation of blockchain assets and game currencies that players can securely trade for profit.

The Chimaera team is comprised of the original creators of blockchain gaming. Their first official release was the Huntercoin experiment, a fully decentralised autonomous game world that proved the concept was possible over 4 years ago. Huntercoin was the first cryptocurrency to incorporate Human Mining, a way of distributing crypto coins through skill and cooperation with other players.

Turn-Key Gaming Infrastructure

The Chimaera gaming platform aims to democratise the process associated with both game development and deployment, by allowing developers to bring their vision to life quickly with significantly reduced costs. It achieves this by offering a wide range of tools and infrastructure needed by developers to develop blockchain-based games.

Developers can also issue their own game-based tokens that can be traded for CHI, which is the reserve currency and fuel for the Chimaera blockchain. CHI will be used to fuel transactions, such as account creation, purchasing game assets or accounts, CHI powered crowd sales, coin transactions, renting game assets or accounts, and more.

Another great benefit associated with Chimaera is the fact that developers can create games with 100% uptime, provably fair protocols, and true ownership for game-based assets. When it comes down to using the platform for development, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that Chimaera grants developers a plug-and-play experience.

No prior blockchain experience is required as the platform easily integrates with existing game engines, such as Unreal or Unity. Of course the platform can also be used for non-Decentralised Autonomous Universes (DAUs). For ‘normal’ and blockchain games alike, all features will still be available, such as Chimaera’s fraud-proof payment gateway, asset management systems, account management and much more.

Token Sale

Those interested in getting involved can participate in the token pre-sale and public sale that will take place shortly. The private pre-sale is currently taking place and interested parties are invited to sign up on the Chimaera website

More information about the Chimaera Project is available in the whitepaper.