Changing the Sports Industry with Sportyfi

Almost all Americans grow up playing organized sports. Some of us are lucky enough to play the same sports in adulthood. But, a vast majority of former sports players don’t make it to the pros. In fact, the odds of turning pro in the new millennium are paper thin for a few reasons.

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The first is, although many kids start out playing sports, the individual along with their family doesn’t realize the effort it takes to continue playing on a professional level. The type of discipline must usually start even as early as nine or ten years old or at least in high school.

Secondly, some players are either exhausted before their time comes to turn pro, and they chase other interests. Or they have an illness or are injured sometime during their play rendering them unable to play the game professionally.

Although all of this keeps a vast majority of players from playing professionally, the methods of scouting players in this century have changed as well. Due to a new brand of scouting that includes genetics with traditional scouting methods, new methods of scouting has begun as early as pop warner football years.

But research by Odds of Success Study show that only 256 players are chosen per year from a pool that originated from one million high school students. The odds of joining the NBA are slimmer at 1 in 11,171. A study shows that WNBA has an even slimmer chance at 1 in 12,114. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has shown baseball players have better chance at 1 in 2451.

New infrastructure is needed to maintain the new structure of sports scouting. Sportyfi wants to change the way we view, participate, and remunerate sports players by changing the world of sports financing. By implementing a blockchain solution, Sportyfi believes that it can broaden the base of professional sports players. With a team of sports advisors and Blockchain professional advisors, Sportyfi wants to provide more opportunity in the world of sports by providing a platform for younger athletes and potential investor groups and individuals.

Sportyfi is fortunate to have on their team Peter M Moricz as Blockchain Business Development Advisor. Peter has a background as a runner in CBOT before he started trading for himself in 1998. In the years 2000 to 2014 he began trading futures in Europe, mainly Rotterdam and London. From 2015 to 2016 he became VP for compliance at JP Morgan Private Bank in London.

Given his background in compliance, Peter understands the opportunity the blockchain can provide: “I found it really exciting that through Smart contract and Blockchain we can give greater opportunities to any young athletes or teams around the world to help them achieve their true potential.”

The team also has the immense fortune of working with Charlie Shrem who is a well known Bitcoin advocate that started investing in Bitcoin back in 2011. He is also known for his help in founding the Bitcoin Foundation. Also Director of Business and Community Development at Jaxx, he joins a well diversified team of Blockchain and Sports advisors for the Sportyfi team.

Together the team anticipates the token sale of SPF on November 21st which was delayed a week due to the Segwit 2x fork. Even though the fork was cancelled the team will keep the date of the token sale consistent.In the meanwhile the whitepaper is available for reading providing more insight before the token sale.